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Practical Task Lighting Ideas for Bathroom

Practical Task Lighting Ideas for Bathroom

When designing houses, it is common for people not to give sufficient priority to bathroom lighting. However, what they're missing out on, are some great opportunities to transform a basic bathroom into one where your time spent is pleasing and meaningful. 

As bathrooms become larger, with an incorporation of a closet, it is now essential to give more attention to the bathroom lighting. While it can be very overwhelming to choose fixtures such as Task Short Wall Light, which would perfectly complement the design of your bathroom, it's important to install pieces like Task Pedant Light, which feel like a stylish and cohesive addition.

It is evident that the vanity, the shower, and the tub all require different lighting sources; however, what will make your private space a luxurious sanctuary is the installation of task lighting in your bathroom.

Modern Problems Require Chic Solutions

If you're reading this, then the chances are that you're not happy with the way your bathroom lighting looks. You might get too many shadows on your face when putting your makeup on, shaving, or cleaning up, which causes an unflattering start to the day – but don't worry! Just by installing fixtures such as Cobra LED Wall Task Light, which come in all modern shapes and sizes, you can rid yourself of these little lighting problems.

First and foremost, it is crucial to install task lighting around your vanity so that the light is directly facing you without highlighting your face with unwanted shadows. If you want to make your bathroom fancy, add pieces like IP S12 Bathroom Light, frosted task lights, or hanging pendants on either side of the mirror. Similarly, you can layer the task lighting by incorporating it in spaces with little illumination to enhance all the room's corners.

Browsing Through Contemporary Styles and Ideas

When choosing the right style of task lighting for your bathroom, you need to start somewhere. We recommend starting from your vanity, which is the centerpiece of your bathroom, moving onto the ceiling, and then making your way to the rest of the room.

Don't forget your shower and tub. You can add a little drama while keeping things balanced through a strip task lighting either placed over the shower and the tubs or hanging from the top. Who doesn't like a modernistic appeal of floating lights, right?

Glance through the following fixtures that provide the best task lighting well-suited for bathrooms:

  • Pendant lighting 
  • Gimbal recessed lighting 
  • Portable lamps 
  • Slim bars

Brightening Up Your Bathroom

Tired of scrubbing your bathroom endlessly, and it still never looks clean? Change the lighting.

Task lighting is the secret to achieving a bright and clean bathroom, without doing much on your own! To create a relaxing, bright, and cheerful environment, install blended task lights and pieces like IP S6 Bathroom Light in all the major corners of your bathroom.

But it is essential to keep a balance when choosing the right task light, as you don't want to overdo or underdo your private space. We recommend adding a dimmer, so you can adjust the intensity of your light, depending on the time of the day and your mood.

Most importantly, channel your inner designer by adding fixtures such as IP S13 Bathroom Light, which truly represent your creativity in your bathrooms. Find a task lighting with a color temperature that makes your bathroom feel inviting and calming, while simultaneously illuminating every corner of the space. After all, there's no other space quite like your bathroom, where you can unwind in private.


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