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Office Lighting: A Guide to Illuminating Your Workspace

Office Lighting: A Guide to Illuminating Your Workspace

When it comes to illuminating your home, a great deal has been written and published over rooms like your kitchen and bedroom. Even the bathroom and living room are commonly covered. However, what if you have a home office? How do you light up your workspace correctly? Actually, there are quite a few options when it comes to office lighting. From floor lamps to wall lights to suspension lights and even task lighting, there's something to fit every aesthetic, and every need. In this guide, we'll break office lighting down into separate types, and then walk you through some of the options available to you.  

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps offer the ability to add a significant amount of illumination to your office without having to take up space on a desk or table, or on the wall or ceiling. Floor lamps can be medium or large, and they can be used as task lighting, or they can create the ideal ambiance for your office. Falling Star Floor Lamp: The Falling Star floor lamp is an interesting concept that takes the conventional upright lamp design and turns it askew, literally. Designed by Tobias Grau, this lamp features a mounting rod that can be inserted into multiple angled holes in the base to get the perfect degree of illumination for your needs.

The CSYS tall floor lamp is exactly what the name implies a tall, elegant lamp that would look equally at home in the office of an architect or a writer. It features a streamlined design and a unique adjustable head that can move up or down the upright to get the perfect height. Office Air LED Floor Lamp Double Sided: Designed and manufactured by Nimbus, the Office Air LED floor lamp features a double sided head and LED functionality. The body can be ordered in chrome or in anodized aluminum to help you achieve the style you want, and the light actually distributes 61% of its illumination toward the ceiling, and the remaining 39% downward toward the floor.  

Wall Lights

While floor lamps can do a lot for your office, sometimes they're not enough, or you need something that will not take up any floor space. Whether your office is small, or you simply want the benefits they offer, wall lights can be excellent choices. Gomito 1196 Wall Sconce: The Gomito 1196 wall sconce is a curvaceous beauty that can be angled up or down on the wall depending on your needs. It was designed by Elio Martinelli and manufactured in Italy, and features a lacquered metal structure with a diffuser. 

Line 75 Parete Wall Lamp: If you're looking for an elegant wall lighting solution for your office, consider the Line 75 parete wall lamp. Designed by Gabriele Florian, this light is made from chromed steel and features a satin finish that helps to reduce glare while lending elegance to the entire structure. Male Wall Sconce: The Male wall sconce from Sillux was designed by Cierrestudio and Bot Vittorio. It features a stunning crystalline circle diffuser to help disperse the light, as well as a chrome metal base/mount that attaches to the wall.  

Suspension Lights

Suspension lights allow you to illuminate your office with lights that hang from the ceiling. These can act as spot lights, or they can be chandeliers, and more. They work very well over a desk, but can also work with conference tables, or as focal points to your office design. Falling Water Trio Round Suspension Lamp: One of the most unique suspension lights on offer, the Falling Water Trio round suspension lamp is a true work of art. It features three depended lights of different lengths suspended from a metal plate that mounts to the ceiling, and all three lights use high-performance LED technology.

Nur 1618 Acoustic Suspension Light: The Nur 1618 acoustic suspension light was designed by Ernesto Gismondi for Artemide, and can be equipped with either a halogen bulb or a fluorescent bulb. The unique shade features sanded glass at the top, as well as a diffuser made of acrylic to disperse the light throughout the room. Sun Pendant Lamp: If you're looking for a way to brighten up your office, then the Sun pendant lamp might be the perfect option. Manufactured in Germany, this light features a mouth-blown glass shade, and uses energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL). Note that this can also be used as workstation lighting.  

Task Lighting and Table Lamps

Task lighting and table lamps offer less illumination than the other types we've touched on, but can be just as vital, particularly if you need less light in the office as a whole, but require significant illumination for what you're working on. Tizio 35 Table Lamp: The Tizio 35 table lamp offers two points of articulation, and was designed for Artemide by Richard Sapper. The body is made from treated aluminum, and the diffuser features an anodized aluminum reflector. The base can also rotate 360 degrees to ensure you always have the perfect lighting. UAU LED Table Lamp: The UAU LED table lamp offers a sleek, minimalist design and was manufactured in Italy. The lamp uses a single 1x1W LED bulb for the ultimate in power savings, while still managing to produce enough illumination for you to handle your tasks. The body is made from nickel-plated copper and steel. Marcus Table Lamp: The Marcus table lamp was manufactured by Delightful, and features a stunning round diffuser mated to a slimline upright rod and support base. The exterior of the shade is made from brass, and features an acrylic diffuser inside to help spread the light around your work area.

There you have them some of the best options available when it comes to office lighting. Of course, there are many, many other office lights on offer, and we'd be happy to help you locate the perfect illumination for your workspace. Browse our website, or get in touch directly by calling 866-477-1345.

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