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Lighting the Living Room with Pendants

Lighting the Living Room with Pendants

Pendants lend a futuristic feel to the space and this makes them an exciting choice for the living room, a space where entire family sits together. In order to ensure perfect layered lighting you need to do some mixing and matching, since you already have lighting fixtures in your living room and in order to add new fixtures, you must take the shape, color, and illumination of former fixtures into account. Here are a few ideas which could make your pendant hunt a bit easier.

Know your requirements

Most people tend to start without taking into account their requirements, yes, there are a ton of options available out there and you might sometimes feel overwhelmed by all those inviting and illustrious designs, however it is important that you go for the pieces that would add some sort of value to your setting. At the same time you must also remember that each lighting fixture should serve as an extension of your personality, at the end of the day, it is your house, your space, your lighting fixture; hence try to communicate through these lighting fixtures.

Choose a focal point

Choosing a focal point for your living room might come as a natural choice to you, since usually living rooms have a center table and that could be doubled up as the focal point of the room as well. You need to accentuate this point through a central piece such as Acorn Pendant Light; you could also go for pieces like Copper Round Shade 45 cm Pendant Light as they are slightly modern and chic in layout, they enhance the overall ambiance of the room giving it a contemporary feel. However if you want to try something unique that would set you apart from the crowd, then there are options like PH 5 Pendant Light, these could be deployed in both traditional and modern settings.

Downward lighting is crucial

Remember that main purpose of the pendants is to provide lighting and that too downward lighting, hence you must never compromise on the lighting aspect of the pendant. There are pieces which tend to be eye-catching but are not good illumination sources, hence try to avoid such pieces. On the flip side there are pieces which have both qualities. Pieces such as Koma Edo Pendant Light and Stix 6-Arm LED Pendant are deemed ideal for a living room setting, since they are strong in built and do not tend to over-exert their presence, and instead subtly blend in the overall setting.

Go for identical pieces

Now this is where pendants elevate their status from their counterparts, since they are available in a abundance, hence you could use multiple pendants and form small groups. This may sound like a tricky thing to pull-off but it is not that difficult, all you need to do is do some research and you will find out that pieces like Ring Shade 32 Inch LED Pendant Light, could easily go with pieces like Corona 24-Inch LED Pendant Light. However, one thing which must be taken into account before this chore is that you don’t need to go overboard with this practice. An ideal group should contain three pieces at max, anything more than this would seem overwhelming.

Pendants are perhaps the most versatile illumination fixtures of our times, they are a great source of light and depending on their need could be deployed anywhere. In case of living rooms it is important that you know what purpose you want them to serve and the installation point should back up the desired purpose.


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