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Lighting Basics: Proper Living Room lighting

Lighting Basics: Proper Living Room lighting

Lighting Basics: Living Room Lighting

One of the most important rooms in our home is the living room, also known as the family room. We like to spend a lot of time there, watching movies, reading, entertaining guests or even accenting artwork.

To achieve the maximum benefit of light in the livingroom, we should use 3 or 4 layers of light. Some of these might include recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room, something for general lighting such as a chandelier or ceiling light.  We can use portable lamps for task or reading light such as table or floor maps.  To help create our mood, we can use wall sconces.  Dimmers are great for on the fly adjustments.

Undercabinet lighting are often used to showcase objects that we have displayed in cabinets.  These create nice focal points in wherever they are used.

Portable lamps, such as table lamps or floor lamps can deliver task and accent lighting.  These fixtures are very flexible because you can move them around to fit your needs.  These types of lamps are available in a variety of styles, you should have no trouble finding something that compliments your decor.

Ambient Lighting is how we provide the living room with overall illumination, also known as general lighting. The goal is to radiate comfortable levels of brightness without glare so we can navigate around the room safely. This type of lighting is provided by Chandeliers, ceiling or wall fixtures and even track lights.  You may also used recessed lights to compliment the chandeliers.

Accent lighting is great for adding drama to the room and creating visual interest. You can use it to focus on house plants, statues, paintings or anything else of interest in the living room. We carry many popular spot lights to help you achieve this. Chandeliers can be considered the centerpiece to lighting your living room. They come in many forms and styles. Chandeliers are become more and more popular as energy efficient options are becoming available. The addition of a dimmer allows you to scale back the light if necessary. We have been in the lighting business for many years and pride ourselves in having an expert staff that is available to answer any of your questions.

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