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Lighting Basics: Proper Kitchen Lighting

Lighting Basics: Proper Kitchen Lighting

As we continue our Lighting Basics series, we are learning exactly how to light up our home. This week we will discuss kitchen lighting and why it is so important. The kitchen is the busiest room in our home. Lighting requirements depend on the size and complexity of the kitchen. Usually the kitchen is used primarily for cooking and for that we need adequate light. If a kitchen is big enough, we may also find a dining table with plenty of room for entertaining guests year round, especially for those family holidays we celebrate together. Small kitchens may only require a central ceiling fixture, preferably with some under cabinet task lighting.

Recessed lighting is good for this. Bigger kitchens will require a mixture of general, task and accent lighting. General kitchen lighting can be accomplished by using ceiling lights, recessed lights or if the kitchen is big enough, chandelier or pendant lights over the kitchen table.

As far as Chandeliers go, we have many options to fit the style and mood of our kitchen available to us. We recommend using glass chandeliers in the kitchen, due to the fact that they are easier to clean then chandeliers with cloth or paper diffusers. Recessed lighting is best placed around the perimeter of the room and with dimmable options we can control the mood for a romantic meal with our loved ones. We may also used some recessed lighting underneath our cabinets to serve as task lighting to help us prepare our special meals. It is best to place under cabinet lights closer to the front and farther from the wall to achieve the best illumination possible.

Pendant lights are also suitable in the kitchen, with a variety of styles available to us. These fixtures provide adequate lighting for eating or working on school work at the kitchen table. Pendants are also useful to illuminate Island Counters and Breakfast bars. It is important to keep these kinds of lighting fixtures in mind when we strive to achieve proper kitchen lighting. Besides styles of lamps, there are also different energy solutions such as halogen, fluorescent and LED lamping available to us.

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