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Lighting Basics: Proper Dining Room Lighting

Lighting Basics: Proper Dining Room Lighting

Welcome back to our Lighting Basics series! In previous articles, we discused Living room lighting and kitchen lighting. We will continue our series of lighting basics with this week's tip, Proper Dining Room Lighting.

As many interior decorators and designers will tell you, proper dining room lighting is essential if you want to create the perfect balance of light form and function. We use light not only to see, but also to set the mood or create an inviting ambience so that we and our guest can feel comfortable.

Dining Room lighting should be functional of course, but also beautiful. We can accomplish this by creating a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting. With these different layers of light, we can establish different moods for dining, discussion at the table, homework or to work on projects together. Installing dimmers will greatly increase our ability to control the light for what best suits our needs.

Chandeliers are considered the center piece for any formal or informal dining room. Chandeliers are available in a variety of colors, materials and design choices. A chandelier enhances the beauty of our dining room furnishing and choosing the right one can give your dining room a completely different look. Dimmable chandeliers are great because they allow us to bring down the light almost as if you are having a candlelight dinner or we can turn it up if we intend to use the dining room table as a work space. Browse our inspirational gallery for great chandelier ideas!

Recessed lighting is great for ambient lighting. If you have a larger than normal dining room, his type of lighting should be installed around the perimeter of the room. You may also install recessed floor lamp around the perimeter to create an exotic atmosphere.

Spot Lights are wonderful to showcase any artwork you have on the walls in your dining room. They work great for picture frames as well. Thank you for checking out our article on dining room lighting. We hope that these tips will help you achieve the kind of lighting atmosphere that you desire for your dining room.  We at Interior Deluxe have many fixtures available on our website and we look forward to answering any questions you may have on any of our fixtures. Good Luck on your quest for proper dining room lighting!

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