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Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your Home Office

Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your Home Office

With ‘gig industry’ on the rise, more people are setting up home offices, one of the big advantages of freelancing and internet is that you can operate from the comfort of your home. However, still you do need a spot in the house which you can call your office to increase productivity and efficiency. Studies have shown that productivity is directly proportional to good illumination and hence, if you are setting up a brand new home office then you have just landed at the right spot. Today we’ll tell you how to get your office lighting right.

Avoid recess and go for ambient

Recessed lighting has been in trend for quite some time now, however it does impart a static feel to the overall ambiance of the place. If you want to avoid the monotony, then you must go for ambient lighting. It will give the much needed oomph to your home office and would in turn be a also reliable lighting fixture.

Pieces like Aixlight R2 Square Pendant Lamp are deemed ideal for their sleek look and contemporary vibe. Moreover these are the pieces which could actually be used as the central lighting piece for the room. Hence, they give you the leverage to play around with other lighting options without worrying about the light in the room.

Tough competition between conventional and contemporary

Conventional home offices are used to attract and sweep off clients of their feet, since they are slightly outlandish and hence transport the people into a completely different era. If you have clients coming then you could go for a rather traditional ambiance, add a vintage themed chandelier like Grid Triple Pendant Light to up the ante. On the flip side if you want a slightly modern look with a voguish feel then you could go for pendants like Funnel Suspension Mini Lamp and Flanges LED Ceiling Light, as they are a fresh take on pendants and would add a different flavor to your home office ambiance.

Add a new dimension with accent lighting

Accent lighting is an important aspect of modern lighting framework; it not only adds a new dimension to the lighting but also enhances the glamour of your room. Given the fact that offices are usually synonymous to mundane and boring, accent lighting would aid you in getting rid of that stigma. Moreover it further adds a valuable lighting source in your home office. Pieces like Naked on Track D lamp and Naked on Track C lamp are great for your home office; however one must be careful in setting up the height of these fixtures as it entirely depends on your needs.

Optimize with table lamps

An office is incomplete without a table lamp, whether you opt to use it or not that is another questions, however having a table lamp in your home office is a must. You can check out the traditional pieces like Marcus Table Lamp or you can also go for the slightly modern ones like Meola Table Lamp. Table lamps impart a ‘work’ feel to the spot; moreover it also serves as a piece of decoration in your most coveted home space. 

Lighting impacts productivity

A dim, soft and faint lighting can reduce your productivity to a considerable extent, hence it is important that you give due importance to the lighting. Remember at the end of the day home office is all about work and for that lighting is crucial. Moreover adding good lighting fixtures would also aid in setting the tone for your home office, make sure that the chosen fixtures blend with the overall theme of the office.


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