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Getting out in the garden!

Getting out in the garden!

Finally spring! - Time to get the garden into shape. But not only planting should be tackled now. Only a balanced lighting concept makes it possible to show off your garden in a great way.


People not crazy about the cold can find an ideal retreat to relax in a glass conservatory. The "Camp Lamp" by Marset exudes an avant-garde flair and is ideally suited as a reading lamp. Gone are the days when we cuddle on the couch under a blanket and crave the warm sunshine. Spring is here and nature sends its greetings with bright colors and fascinating scents. Crowds populate the street cafes and the days and times of spending time outside are getting longer. But at some point, the sun goes down and it is becoming dark around us. Reason enough to take care of the appropriate lighting for garden, patio or balcony right now. Because nothing is more beautiful than enjoying a warm summer evening outdoors.    

Relaxed evenings in the garden    

Erbavoglio by Karman

Go green ... The "Erbavoglio" by Karman is planted with artificial turf and is almost predestined for an extravagant appearance between bushes.     Why should you not give the same attention to each outdoor lighting area in the same way as you usually do in your own home? No later than after sunset it is advisable to provide appropriate outdoor lighting, if not only for safety reasons. Especially outdoors there are so many visual highlights that can create an incomparable experience when properly illuminated. Since the fascination of a crackling campfire at night and the accompanying feelings of romance can be simulated quite well by the use of electric light sources in the right places. Ultimately, it is the light in conjunction with the shadow effects, which attracts and engages us. And therefore nature, such as trees, water, and stones, are especially well suited, because of their unique and sometimes changing surfaces. The range of lighting solutions for outdoor use is almost unlimited. This is the reason that it is worthwhile to pay a little attention to this subject.    

Battery-powered solar lights Lighting design for your garden is a different story in comparison to home lighting since you are able to do it yourself. Because usually, no cable needs to be used, which makes it easier to opt for the particular placement of the lights. Light sources with solar and battery power should provide a simple solution. And with the start of the gardening season, the local newspaper ads are full of unbeatable offers that should facilitate a decision.    

Foscarini solar outdoor floor light

Foscarini solar outdoor light  Whole sets of multiple lamps for under $20.00 are not uncommon and one wonders, rightly, whether this can fulfill your needs. And that is exactly the point - clarification of your own needs! If you only want to place a couple of cozy lights in the garden or along the driveway, solar lights might work well for you. But you should not get deceived by the price. Because the promised battery power drops especially outside after a relatively short time rapidly towards zero. You should not expect a much longer life than one season, including spring and autumn, from the low-price products. And the illuminance is of course not much more than a glimmer. Candles might even be brighter. But if you have opted for the placement of the lights, the effort to install appropriate underground cables is entirely justifiable. And an LED lamp connected to the main power grid is quite energy-friendly, so you can leave these lights on for a longer period of time with a clear conscience.    

Globe light

Fire and candlelight When it comes to garden lighting, everyone has their own individualized conception - but few are considering the "natural" possibilities to generate light. Fire and candles are quite capable of producing wonderful effects and moods outdoors in dry conditions. A fire bowl can be converted into a multi-function unit by using a pivoting grill and it provides long-lasting comfort even after dinner. Candlelight is similarly intriguing and can be used in different creative ways. There are candle-lit lanterns that can be hung in trees or can be hung from lines or special paper bags with tea lights for the walkway. These provide a wonderful play of light and have the enormous advantage that they are reversible to one hundred percent. However, the design is of course also connected with a repetitive effort.  

Mini T by Ecosmart

Whether for cozy garden dinners or for the use in bars and restaurants - "Mini T" by EcoSmart is guaranteed a flaming eye catcher. But for special occasions or garden parties is such a solution a visual highlight, which puts guests instantly in the right mood. Torches are also suitable and come in every imaginable design. With regards to all of these things it is true, of course, that you must pay special attention, since they are a possible fire hazard. Therefore, those "lights" should never be used unattended.    

Light source and furniture all-in-one. Whether chairs, tables, or flower planters there is hardly anything that cannot be illuminated these days. And the effect of such radiant furniture pieces outdoors is undoubtedly terrific. Even from a distance, these large-volume light objects are an eye catcher of a special kind. And they are practical as well, since they provide light, are easy to maintain and still satisfy the primary purpose for which they were originally designed for in most cases.  

Topix by Delta

Indirect wall lighting provides a friendly welcome and improves security on stairs cases. Topix by Delta Light. However, depending on the size, they also require some space to have an appropriate effect. A lit seating set on a six-square-meter balcony is probably slightly over-dimensioned - but a brilliant flowerpot could be quite the visual highlight. There are no limits with regards to the creative garden or balcony and patio lighting design. And the effect is worth the effort and you will enjoy it for a long time.

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