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General lighting and room lighting tips from the Pro's

General lighting and room lighting tips from the Pro's

Create your room with light according to your needs - whether direct or indirect lighting. Striking, as a piece of jewelry or almost invisible. Always in the foreground - atmosphere, use and well-being. 

Plastra Series luminaires are a perfectly integrated lighting solution, designed to create indirect ambient lighting. Their unique paintable surface allows the fixture to blend discretely into its environment creating unity between the wall and the fixture. Offered in complementary sconces, pendants, ceiling and recessed lighting options, the Plastra Series allows light, not the fixture to take center stage.
Excellent for commercial and residential environments.

Basic lighting or "room light" is understood as the lighting that is activated when entering the room, so that you can orient yourself. In the long run, this is the central ceiling outlet in the middle of a room, which is often assumed to solve all lighting tasks ... at least that's what you might think when you see the electric plans of existing and new buildings.

What are your options? Central area lighting You can illuminate a room with a central area light, where the light falls off to the walls. This luminaire should be controllable in any case, since it should not overshadow the overall desired atmosphere as a luminous body. A needs-based zoning light with one lamp only should only be used in certain areas - such as in basements and storage rooms. Nevertheless, a central luminaire is justified - on a blank ceiling it may be like a piece of jewelry, a decorative element that underlines the room.

Use of recessed spotlights  

The Capello Recessed Light has been designed in the USA. This Capello Recessed Light is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. This fixture features aluminium and glass with white color. Another possibility is the use of recessed spotlights. Evenly distributed over the ceiling or a planned zoning provides basic lighting and effect. Again, a controller - if possible with different circuits and dimming is very beneficial. With cleverly placed recessed spotlights, you can also achieve wonderful effects on walls. After clarification of the structural conditions (ceiling quality - thickness / materials / vapor barriers / running pipes and beams, possible installation depths) you can play with beam angles and orientation. The classic downlight - fixed beam angle directed straight downwards is the simplest version. Adjustable variations with which the illumination of an object, a book wall is possible extends the spectrum - whereby it must be ensured that one does not run into the light beam as much as possible or is blinded by the light beam when looking up. Recessed spotlights equipped with special reflectors make it possible to evenly illuminate entire walls this is particularly appealing if they have been provided with structures or surfaces to be highlighted. Of course, as well as to illuminate pictures. Emerging light cones can achieve attractive light-shadow effects on such walls through the structures.

Mira LED LED recessed spotlights can do even more by using RGB or RGBW, it is also possible to illuminate in different colors, shades, and different white tones. However, the basic lighting should always be available in white. The new generation of LED recessed spotlights can now also simulate the dimming curve of a heat radiator (a bulb or a halogen lamp.) In the case of a light bulb, the spectrum shifts into the red range during the dimming process - the LED always emits the same light spectrum even when dimmed. Combining white LEDs in a spotlight and their corresponding control in the dimming process is now - without external effort (all installed in the spotlight) possible as a "candlelight" effect during the dimming process. What do you do if you only have the central outlet, but like to use recessed spotlights? In this case a stretch ceiling helps - if the room height will allow this. Underneath it, uneven bumps and cabling disappear - which remains - an even surface with the appropriately placed recessed luminaires. In the age of LED - you can still go one step further with a stretch ceiling. It can be backlit, even printed with patterns.

One more solution: indirect lighting Or how about indirect lighting? Around the whole room? Emphasis on specific areas of the room? Depending on the placement it can stretch or widen the room. Low ceilings are optically raised by light. A room can simply be airier, bigger. For the implementation of indirect lighting, the most diverse profiles are on the market - they can directly or indirectly illuminate the ceiling - Attention!

The XT Spot Light was designed and made by Tobias Grau. A modern, adjustable recessed spot light that can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. Available in a polished white finish. Choose between two types of light: warm white or white. In this case, unclean fillings may be visible. The lights can touch the walls and make them shine. Advantage always - even light without dazzling. By fitting the profiles with SMD LED's almost any length can be realized. However - the appropriate ballasts must be installed as well. Depending on the length of such a light cove a multiple feed might be required - otherwise a drop in performance over the total length can be visible. When choosing the LED's, pay attention to the light color (different white tones and RGB). This should be adapted to the desired room atmosphere. If the white is too cool, a warm wooden ceiling can easily turn gray and if the white is too warm, the white of the ceiling may become light brown-orange. A remedy for this are LED's in RGBWW - here there are different white variations available on a LED strip that can be mixed with the help of the appropriate control to the desired white tone. How bright should such a basic lighting be? This depends on the use of the room - and on what additional lighting elements are required. Even the surfaces, which means the reflection levels of ceiling, walls and floor play a decisive role.

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