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How to Illuminate your Garden

How to Illuminate your Garden

Garden lighting can aid you in beautifying the overall ambiance of your front and backyard garden. Landscape lighting is a blend of foliage and lighting fixtures, at the end of the day it all boils down to one thing and that is combination. If you are looking for some great garden lighting ideas to accentuate your outdoor landscape, then you’ve landed at the perfect place. Hence without any further due, let’s dive into the enchanting world of garden lighting.

Make Mother Nature the center of attention

Here is the tricky thing when you think about garden lighting, a flood of ideas would flood down your memory, however you should not be overwhelmed, as lighting fixtures deployed in the garden must complement the overall setting. Some fixtures come in shape of mushroom; these could be deployed in the garden, making it aesthetically more appealing than ever. Moreover there are various other fixtures such as Nautilus MR16 Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Luminaire and Strut Outdoor Bollard Light which are specifically built for landscape lighting. Deploying these in your garden would also help in creating a romantic façade. Whatever you do, just remember one thing that foliage should always remain the center of attention when it comes to garden lighting.

Floor lamps are ideal

Floor lamps are generally considered indoor pieces, however their utility as outdoor landscape fixtures cannot be understated, there are various pieces such as Ktribe Outdoor F3 Floor Lamp and Twiggy Floor Lamp, which are over-sized and could be deployed in outdoor garden to garnish good results. They also aid in creating artistic outdoor lighting, one which these days is considered the holy grail of landscape lighting, they happen to be essential components of it.

Use Path Lights

Garden lighting layout is simply deemed incomplete without path lighting and hence you must deploy path lighting in your garden. It not only underscores the expanse of your garden but further adds a new dimension to your garden lighting as well. LED pieces like Roveta LED Solar Outdoor Path Light and Nimba Path Light are ideal for path lighting in gardens. Moreover in rain the path lights create a magical feel, casting fuzzy shadows in the ground with rain drops shimmering on their surface and slipping down in form of droplets. Path lights like HL 410 Copper/Opal Acrylic Outdoor Post Lamp are great for small gardens as they do not appear to be overpowering and hence they aid in keeping the personality of garden intact, whilst adding a new flavor to the setting.

Hanging pieces

If you happen to have big trees in your garden, then you are in luck as you can play around with these in the lighting layout. Firstly you could add hanging pendants to the branches; this would lend a mystical woody feeling to your garden, which in many cases is the most desirable outcome of garden lighting. Pieces like Drylight S6 outdoor chandelier are deemed perfect for this. Portable and hanging pendants are a great source of lighting and also come in various sizes and shapes; hence you would have a wide array of options to choose from. Choose pieces which have a strong build and can withstand outdoor temperatures.

Top it off with bollards

Bollards are futuristic yet have a hint of rustic characteristic as well. Pieces like Rusty Cone 40 Bollards could be deployed in various sections of garden to enhance the overall demeanor of the space. Moreover they also add a sublime flavor to the landscape lighting since these come across as the conventional lighting sources.

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