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Full comfort on your patio with great lighting

Full comfort on your patio with great lighting

The patio becomes another attractive and comfortable living space during the summer. Modern electrical installation creates added value in your outdoor area. Outdoor lights Listen to music, enjoy delicious steaks from the grill, good mood lighting in the evening and have fun with friends in the open air: during the summer the patio is definitely the favorite place to spend a lot of time. To be able to enjoy all these conveniences outside, the electrical installation has to be right. Light switches at suitable locations as well as sufficient connection possibilities for electrical devices provide the desired comfort.

Electrical installation outside: Safety... Such an electrical installation in the exterior can be carried out with the presented solutions safely and esthetically at the same time. Above all, in order to ensure the necessary safety, it is imperative that builders and modernizers consult an electric specialist for the implementation. Because it has to be noted that all components must be suitable for outdoor use in order to prevent short circuits and current bumps. In addition, the external sockets must be used with integrated hinged covers, which can be switched from inside via a protective switch (RCD 30 mA) and have a splash protection (IP 44).

Attractive and beautiful In addition to the safety aspect, the optics must not be overlooked. Why should something else be different from the interior for the outside of the home? Finally, it creates a harmonious overall picture when the switches and sockets adapt to the patio design. Thanks to the variety of switch programs, homeowners will surely find the right design for their "second summer home". Robust, colored plastic, or high-quality metals such as stainless steel and aluminum always set stylish accents. With mobile lights, Nimbus opens the door to a world where light is always and everywhere available.

Roxxane Leggera

The Roxxane Leggera can be disconnected from the power source by a slight tapping of the tip of the bottom of the lamp Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl is, to a certain extent, the visionary of the light industry: 15 years ago, the founder and managing director of Nimbus Group had the idea to illuminate entire buildings with light-emitting diodes. Now he combines energy-efficient LEDs - again as the first - with advanced battery technology. The idea of cordless, always and everywhere available light (light unleashed) is reflected in a whole series of mobile luminaires.

Outdoor lamps

A click is enough and it is already charging The reading and table light Roxxane Leggera CL (CL stands for cable less light) shows how it works: To connect the light to the power supply via a magnetic charging puck, it is enough to move it in its direction. A clearly recognizable click signals clearly that the connection is working. It is just as easy to disconnect from the power supply after charging. A slight tapping with the foot tip on the puck and a short raising of the luminaire are sufficient. In addition, it can be charged via a USB-C connector. When fully charged, the luminaire provides reliable brightness (400 to 600 lumens, 800 lumens in boost mode) for up to 100 hours, depending on the degree of dimming. A charge indicator, which is integrated into the luminaire bottom, provides information on the battery level at any time. An additional USB port at the luminaire bottom can be used to charge mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs. Thus, the evening seating is not only flexible with regard to light, but also supplies the smartphone charge for the evening hours.  

The archetype of the mobile lamp This minimalist model, designed by Rupert Kopp, is the design type of the mobile lamp: the luminous body, which is inclined by 15 degrees, rises from the base plate, which integrates battery and electronics. Firmly embedded in the handle is the most powerful design element of the lamp. It signals that the luminaire is portable, and it is light, so you can carry it everywhere very easily. Therefore, as a table light, it weighs only 1150 grams, 1500 grams in the variant as a reading light. The luminaire head is characterized by its three-axis joint that can be rotated by 270 degrees and has a sensor for gesture control on the upper side.

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Phoebe Woods - January 4, 2020

I like the idea with the path in the garden It looks very modern and beautiful.

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