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Frankfurt "World City of Light"

Frankfurt "World City of Light"

Frankfurt at the Main river once again displayed a wide range of fantastic light art and illuminations during the exhibition Light & Building, honoring its reputation as the "World City of Light". After the end of the fair, visitors and exhibitors were able to visit the numerous events around the subject of light. People were marveled by light art and lighting effects and were captivated by the magic of light. There were small works of art to admire as well as large illuminations. Let yourself be enchanted by the pictures - sometimes they will bring back memories, because you might have seen them before, or you might have the desire to see them live the next time! But even if you are not familiar with the Luminare, you can enjoy the photos, as they show how to play with light, which fantastic light spaces can be realized, what kind of lighting is possible.

During summer time, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty of light, be it the sunshine, thunderstorm lightning, a summer fireworks display or an open-air concert with thousands of light effects. But now for the Luminare ... "Until the penultimate evening, around 180,000 visitors attended the Biennale of Light Culture. For Frankfurt, the Luminaire has become a fifth season between winter and spring, "concludes Helmut M. Bien, head of the Luminare project office. Therefore the Luminare fans were not deterred by the cold but clear winter weather to explore their City of Light.

Presentation of 207 highlights At many of the 207 highlights of the light culture festival there were hundreds in long waiting lines. For example at the Katharinenkirche in the heart of Frankfurt, but also in less central locations such as the Naxoshalle. On the 18th of March, the traditionally busy last day, the weather forecast was so good that the 200,000 mark among the visitors was broken. If one counts all the people, who visited the Luminare as commuters and train travelers, then it must have been over two million contacts.

The Luminare is an urban light laboratory with many experimental ideas, installations and works of art. The curiosity and open-mindedness, but also the numerous qualified inquiries of the guests pleased the artists who were personally present: this is also a strength of Luminare. It is not only a festival of amazement for all, but it also enables the dialogue between the artists, architects and lighting designers among themselves and with international audiences from all over the world.

Light and sound The kinetic light-sound installation "Grid" in the Mousonturm by the artist duo Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke has fascinated visitors as much as the projection by Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz. They had created the Katharinenkirche from letters and concepts: both meditation rooms in the digital age. The EZB projections on the headquarters at the East Harbour and on the Eurotower on Willy-Brandt-Place acted as international beacons for the banking city of Frankfurt. The project even reached the front page of a French daily newspaper. Once again, this year's Luminare has once again become an internationally effective ambassador for the FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan region. Spirit and money, art and commerce prove as a unique connection in Germany.  Naxoshalle

Luminare as a city festival The Luminare is a city festival that is also open to the themes of the time. So there were several projects, which were the refugee situation and xenophobia. For the trade fair and banking city, which lives based on tolerance and cosmopolitanism in a very direct sense, this was an important sign of light. There was a huge interest for those themes.

And so it started The Luminare was founded by Exhibition Frankfurt in 2002 and has since been held at the same time as the Light & Building (world's largest trade fair for lighting and building technology). The aim was to bring the themes of light, design and architecture into the cityscape and to inspire the broad public for it.

Today this "Biennale of Lights" is an integral part of the calendar of events and an important ambassador for the exhibition Light & Building. Every two years, around 2,600 national and international exhibitors present their world novelties for lighting, electrical engineering and home and building automation at the trade fair.

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