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Flexible lighting for your living room

Flexible lighting for your living room

Eating, celebrating, playing or relaxing: Well, no room in your home is being used as much as the living room. This is why variable lighting that meets all requirements is important.   Kravitz lamp

Funky design from Portugal. The "Kravitz" lamp is dedicated to rock star Lenny Kravitz In the living room, since it is the "most public" of your rooms, representative lighting is sometimes required, as well as useful and relaxing lighting. Because as multifunctional as the living room is being used, the lighting should be flexible as well. Since the mood of a room after sunset is determined by electric light, it is important to keep both comfort and visual conditions in mind. A prerequisite in any case are many different light sources. The formerly common ceiling light cannot provide this, because a room is only well lit when multiple lighting options are available. Place various luminaires on a decentralized basis and use them in a proper manner. This zonal illumination of individual areas is best combined with dimmable and indirect light.

Combine multiple light sources Room light ensures the basic brightness in a room and can be temporarily supported by zone light, for example, on a couch or dining table. Make sure that the general lighting is not too dark, because it is also a matter of compensating brightness differences. Ideal are indirect radiant ceiling floodlights in the form of wall or floor lamps. In case of new buildings, decent built-in lights can also be planned, which are completely sunk into the ceiling.

The futuristic Clover by Kundalini is made of matt lacquered cast-molded polyurethane Alternatives are luminaires, light-emitting diodes or large-area LED panels, which also require a certain financial commitment. The lighting should emphasize the qualities of the room, and it can even create a sense of spaciousness in smaller rooms: when the ceilings and the walls are bathed in bright light, the room appears to be more spacious. Floodlights can make your living room look taller, because a bright lit area is visually perceived as distant.

Tip Color reproduction Observe the color rendering properties of the lamps when lighting colored images or decorative objects. The color rendering index of a halogen lamp approaches the optimum of RA = 100. High-quality LED lamps now reach color rendering values up to RA = 95.

Accents via mood light and color You can create comfortable lighting via decorative lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or a chandelier. Light to create a special kind of mood can be produced by candles or chimney fires, because the lively play of flames has a beneficial effect on most people. In doing so, you should ensure that the general lighting can be dimmed to such an extent that it is possible to perceive only weakly luminous prototypes of the lighting.

Match by Vibia

With the Match luminaire by Vibia, the user can determine the arrangement of the individual luminaire heads himself Another way of lighting is creating accents, which can be set by small, directed spots. For example, stucco ceilings can be illuminated or the finest furniture, pictures and decorations can be put into the right light. Make sure that the lighting is clearly different from the basic lighting, and avoid too bright light, glare or dark areas. You can also change the character of your living room by using colored light. For a large room it can be attractive to use colored light or colored walls. Colors have an influence on our mood or even create optical effects: Warm colors on the narrow sides make your room appear more optically square, while cool colors make the walls look optically recessed.

Tip Play of light and shadow An equally lit living room can quickly become boring. Create suspension through lighter and darker areas. That way individual objects or whole stone walls appear plastic. Use downlights or spotlights for targeted lighting.

The right light for any occasion For relaxed hours on the couch, a soft, diffuse basic lighting can be used, which is lightened by individual spots, which set the best sides of the room in scene. For reading, you can switch on floor lamps that emit directed and bright light. Because soothing reading light is always the combination of indirect lighting and the bright focused reading lamp. Pendulum lights above the table have been used for eating, which emit most of their light downwards and do not create a glare. 

Poppy lamp

The Poppy lamp opens its flowers through the warmth of the light   When you watch TV, the wall behind the screen should be immersed in a gentle light of low brightness, because if the contrast is too large like a bright screen against a dark background your eyes get tired quickly. For parties, you can play the entire keyboard of your lighting variants one after the other. Dimmed light is particularly pleasant and can be used in different colors as well. If you use the light correctly, you can arouse a lot of emotions. Experience the lighting design of your own home as an amazing discovery journey.

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