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Entrance Lighting: First impression is crucial

Entrance Lighting: First impression is crucial

Entryway is the first exposed space of your home and every person entering the house passes through it, therefore a lit entryway helps in leaving an everlasting impression on the visitor. Entrance lighting accentuates the overall perception of your house. Foyer lighting is a crucial aspect of your interior design; however you need to be completely aware of your specific needs. If you happen to have a narrow entrance passageway then there is no need for an exuberant chandelier. Instead you must go for a smaller and thinner pendant that complements your space, instead of overwhelming it. Knowing your requirements beforehand always helps, whilst shopping for entrance lighting.

Chandeliers and Pendants

Zoom 1 chandelier is a great option for medium-sized entrance ways, with an adjustable diameter it lends a subtle flexibility which could be utilized in multiple ways. On the flip side if space is constrained then NY LED pendant lamp would be a smart option, depending on the length of the hallway multiple pendants could provide the adequate light alongside imparting an edgy aurora to the space.

Room radius and ceiling height play a decisive role in the selection of a picture-perfect pendant. Expansive foyers are a rarity these days, however if you are lucky to have a wide open welcoming space, then you must exploit it. Sconces are a great option to light up your entrance way, there is a vast variety of available options and it is entirely up to you how you plan on harnessing them. Entryway dimensions also play an integral role in determining the right chandelier, if you happen to have a relatively open space that opens up in your living room, perhaps a stunning chandelier would be a good option. A heavily decorated piece like Fil De Fer Gold Ovale Pendant would aid you in impressing your visitors. Moreover with a piece like this, you won't have to do much as it would speak out for itself. With 96 lights and adjustable height it is one of those rare pieces which provide a huge uplift to your ambiance.

On the flip side if you want to keep things simple and elegant you could go with Daphine Parete Wall, these could be installed on the walls and could illuminate your entrance way while preserving its simplicity. At the same time these wall lamps could also serve as path indicators for your humble abode. Indirect lighting is a difficult thing to pull off in normal rooms but for entrance way lighting it is a smart option which must be utilized.


Sconces are a great option for curbed spaces; however one must always take the entrance way dimensions and the position of door into account before finalizing a choice. As even a right piece installed in wrong place could potentially distort the entire ambiance of your entrance way. Wall shadows Long wall sconces are a splendid option for narrow entrance ways. These provide the much needed accent to the entrance and also serve as a great source of light. Moreover a piece like this is an immediate attention grabber, hence if you want to make a statement, this is your go to piece.

Wall sconce 8164/1 is a classic option for people who prefer vintage style lighting. Since these scones would cover your walls, hence you don't need to cover your ceilings. Scones are also a nice option for entrance ways with low ceilings. Entrance lighting is a crucial aspect of your home decor and therefore demands special attention. However in modern contemporary houses with constrained spaces, there is little room to play around, however luckily there are a lot of available options, which makes your task much easier.

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