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Deck Lighting: Dos and Don'ts

Deck Lighting: Dos and Don'ts

A well-illuminated welcoming outdoor space is unthinkable of without a proper deck lighting layout, there have been numerous attempts recently in the lighting sector to emulate the aura of deck lighting through various architectural maneuvers, however the desired results could not be achieved. Hence, if you are lucky enough to have a front yard that has an open deck, then you must use it to your full advantage as it would aid you in enhancing the overall ambiance of your space. Moreover deck lighting also sets the tone for the entire landscape lighting and hence its importance could not be understated.

Bigger is better

Usually it has been observed that people try to underplay with lighting fixtures, especially in case of outdoor lighting. This is a grave mistake and should be avoided, especially if you happen to have a spacious outdoor deck, you should flaunt it though over-sized floor lamps like Puk Floor Mini Single Floor Lamp and Twiggy Floor Lamp. These pieces not only accentuate the regal feeling of the deck, but also serve as primary source of light outside. However, there is a small catch with over-sized floor lamps, you must spread them evenly around the seating adjustment, so that there is equitable distribution of light; all corners are illuminated properly and make sure that there are no blind spots.

Innovation is the key

Deck lighting is all about creating a feel, and you can do this through innovative fixtures, there are a number of fixtures such as Rusty Slot 80 Bollards and Tourou Outdoor Sconce which actually offer you the leverage to play around. These are sleek pieces and could be used in a contemporary setting to set the tone. On the flip side, if you have a slightly conventional setting and want to keep it that way then go for traditional floor lamps and try coupling them up with wall sconces of the same league.

Elegance lies in simplicity

If you are an old soul and like to keep things minimalistic yet love adding a hint of glamour, then the safest approach to reach the perfect balance is simplicity. Remember at the end of the day, lighting layout the house must reflect your personality; moreover deck is a place where you would find solitude and spend time with yourself, hence it should have lighting fixtures which match your personality and blend with it.

Sometimes a simple piece like Drylight S6 outdoor chandelier could do wonders, add a rocking chair and couple of your favorite books to the setting and it could turn out to be your favorite spot in the house.

Adjustable Wall sconces

These days you have a wide array of options to choose from, wall sconces are usually thought to be as miniature pieces which could not be utilized as primary lighting source. However, you have the option of over-sized and adjustable wall sconces like Vejers Outdoor Wall Sconce, these are sturdy pieces which are built exclusively to withstand the harsh outside temperatures, and hence you could deploy these pieces in your deck area. Wall sconces are also great sources of light and hence you should not worried about their utility.

Durability matters

While choosing a lighting fixture for your outdoor deck, one feature which you must not forget is the durability of the lighting fixture, there are numerous pieces available in the market, which appear to be sleek, contemporary and yet they fail to withstand the outside temperature. Hence it is advised that never compromise in the durability of the fixture when it comes to outdoor lighting.

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