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Bedroom Lighting: Your Guide to Illuminating Your Private Sanctuary

Bedroom Lighting: Your Guide to Illuminating Your Private Sanctuary

Once upon a time, homeowners didn't give much thought to bedroom lighting. You might have a lamp or two, and perhaps the chandelier lighting on a ceiling fan or a hanging light fixture over the bed, but little beyond that. Today, things have changed greatly. Homeowners demand the ability to customize their most intimate space to their needs, their personal tastes, their personalities, and more. If you find yourself in that boat, but unsure exactly what your options are, this guide will illuminate things for you. 

Current Trends in Bedroom Lighting 

You'll find that there are quite a few trends when it comes to bedroom lighting, most of which tie into your overall home design aesthetic. For instance, for a home that's big on modern decor, the Sten Cloud Table Lamp would work quite well on a nightstand or the edge of a svelte dresser. For a home with a bit more flamboyance, the Wagenfeld Bauhaus Table Lamp would be an excellent option. Of course, it pays to know a bit more about current bedroom lighting trends that might fit into your home's aesthetic.  

  • Tying Patterns Together: One trend is that of tying patterns together. For instance, if your hardwood floor is covered with a striped rug, you could find a lampshade with the same stripe pattern and color combination to create a cohesive feel to the room.
  • Hang Them High: Another interesting trend is the use of pendant lighting in nontraditional areas. For instance, rather than having a pendant hanging directly over the bed, two smaller ones could be positioned to either side of the bed to serve in place of traditional bedside lamps or sconce lighting. The Beat Stout Grey Pendant Light from Tom Dixon is an excellent example.
  • Floor Lamps: For most homes, floor lamps are found in the living room, sitting room, library/study, and other areas. However, modern design options can work very well in the bedroom, and provide you with multiple sources of light when combined with bedside and ceiling lights. For instance, the Halogen Floor Lamp would be an iconic addition to any modern-themed bedroom.
  • Go Nontraditional: There's a lot to be said for ditching convention, particularly in your inner sanctum. Nontraditional chandeliers make a statement, provide a focal point, and show off your personality. 
These are just a few of the more interesting trends when it comes to bedroom lighting options and designs. There are plenty of others, including the use of recessed lights in a custom headboard, or using interesting and innovative wall sconce lighting to save space on the wall above the head of your bed without sacrificing light when you need it. Tips for Illuminating Your Bedroom More important than following modern bedroom lighting trends is the ability to fit your chosen lights to your room correctly and create a seamless look and feel. We'll cover a few crucial tips in order to ensure that you can do exactly that.  
  • Multiple Light Sources: One of the most crucial elements to a properly illuminated bedroom is the presence of multiple light sources, including both artificial and natural light. In addition to your bedroom window(s), you'll want a ceiling-mounted light, and several other sources of illumination, such as floor lamps, bedside lights, table lamps, and the like. At least three sources of light are needed, but more is better.
  • Ambient Lighting Should be Your Go-To: While you will certainly need a lot of illumination from time to time, such as when packing for travel, you'll most often want ambient lighting. You can do this in a number of ways, including combining floor lamps with windowboard lights and the right bedside lighting. Go for understated and customizable so you can adjust the lighting to meet your needs and mood.
  • Consider Smart Fixtures: While you might not be completely on board with the smart home movement yourself, there's no doubt that designers and manufacturers are. There's also a lot of conveniences to be found with Internet-connected devices, whether they have native connectivity out of the box, or you need to connect them using a smart hub. Smart lights allow you to turn lights on with just your voice, adjust the brightness without getting out of bed, and more.
  • Proportions Matter: When choosing bedroom light fixtures, make sure they match the scale of your furniture, and the room itself. For instance, a small, two-bulb ceiling fixture would be dwarfed in a large bedroom, but a massive chandelier would dominate a small room too much. Choose all of your bedroom lights with an eye for not just mood and personal taste, but also for proportion.
Whether you're building a new home or reinventing your current bedroom, the right lighting is essential. If you've been inspired by any of our lighting choices,  browse our entire bedroom lighting collection by category.
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