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Beginners guideline for selecting bedroom lamps

Beginners guideline for selecting bedroom lamps

Bedrooms are deemed incomplete without side lamps, however few people these days do prefer to keep their side tables empty, just to increase their space. Depending on your needs and requirements, bedside lamps have always been in fashion and looking at the current fascination with these pieces of art, the trend does not seems to be swaying away for at least the next few decades. Hence, let’s get right into the dazzling world of bedside lamps. Although it entirely depends on your bedroom theme, which type of lamps you wish to choose, but here are a few pointers which you must keep in mind before choosing a bedside lamp.

Plug-in wall sconces could be doubled up as table lamps

Well it cannot get any innovate than this, sconces are the modern wonders of lighting layout, they can literally fit in everywhere and bedrooms are simply no exception in this case. You could deploy them at the back of your side table. This would not only add a new flavor to the lighting layout of the room, but would further enhance your lighting options. Pieces like Tolomeo Classic Wall Light and Luxy W0 Wall sconce are regarded ideal in this case.

Go for artistic pieces

If you like to spice things up a bit, then you must try the fancier and out of the box designs which would set your bedroom apart from the crowd. Pieces like Nesso Table Lamp would get you started in this regard; remember at the end of the day, it is all about complementing the theme of your space. If a piece seems to complement your theme, then regardless of its design and aura you must go for it.

Battery-charged bed lamps as mobile light sources

These days you have options of mobile bed lamps, not only are these generous lighting options but are also feather weight and could be placed anywhere. This mobility is what sets them apart from their counter parts. These mobile pieces are regarded perfect for contemporary bedrooms where compact space, imposes certain restrictions on the choice of lighting sources.

Pieces such as Castore Table Lamp are great in this regard, you could place them on side table or on the hind side of your bed, or wherever you want the light to be. Moreover the best part about these pieces is that they offer focused light and hence your partner won’t be bugged if you’re studying your favorite novel at two in the morning.

Floating Shelves

Speaking of creativity and ingenuity, it cannot get better than these floating shelves, which you have as bedside lamps, these come in all sorts of designs and colors and could be fixed on the sides of bed. These impart funk and oomph to your bed space, and also serve as great lighting source.

Table lamps are also an option

Lastly if you are one of those people, who like to have vacant space on your side tables, then you could use table lamps as your bedside lamps. These would not only hamper your privacy but would also fit the bill in shape of light sources. Henceforth, pieces like Melampo Table Lamp and Elise table lamp 12/18/32 could be used as bedside lamps, although technically speaking they are floor lamps, but they would be serving the coveted purpose of a bedside lamp.

Bedroom lamps are never out of fashion and since they are always in trend hence after every couple of months new fixtures hit the market, if you are not completely convinced with the pieces then you should not buy as chances are that you might get the piece you are looking for in the next collection.

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