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Bathroom Lighting for dummies

Bathroom Lighting for dummies

Bathroom is an important section of the house and given the contemporary lifestyle, bathrooms are perhaps the most sought after space of a newly built house. Meticulous architecture coupled with great lighting can optimize the showering experience, and if you are one of those people who prefer comfort and luxury over anything else. Then you’ve landed at the perfect spot, as today we will be sharing some handy tips regarding bathroom lighting.

Begin with ceiling

No matter which space you want to light, remember the general rule of thumb, while designing your lighting layout; always begin with the ceiling. Bathrooms are no exception to this rule. Choose recessed lighting fixtures such as Metropoli D20/27 wall/ceiling indoor light and Wezen VMW11400AL LED Bathroom Light - Inventory Sale!! which are a good source of illumination.

Another thing which must be kept in mind, while choosing the ceiling fixtures is that the installed fixtures should serve as the ideal source of light in the bathroom. Ceiling lighting is often ignored when it comes to bathroom; however you should try to avoid this mistake as well-lit bathroom is no more than a myth without proper recessed lighting. Good ceiling lighting also serves as a protective cover for your bathroom lighting layout, hence do not shy away from spending on good ceiling fixtures.

Go for softer light

If there was one word which captures the true essence of bathroom lighting that would be ‘comfy.’ Bathroom lighting is all about getting the mood right and setting the tone, if you are unable to encompass a calming feel though lighting in the bathroom, then you’ve probably missed something. Softer lights should be preferred for bathroom, as the overall ambiance should be relaxing. Fixtures such as Votivo 3 Light Bath Bar are deemed ideal in this regard.

Task lighting is important

Although soft lighting sets the mood for the overall setting in the bathroom, however one cannot underestimate the sheer importance of task lighting in the bathroom. Therefore deploying vanity lights is essential; moreover vanity lights add a different layer to the overall layout. For a cohesive and contemporary look add pieces like Project Wall Light and Tubo Slim 24 Inch LED Bath Bar on both sides of vanity.

This coupling of barred pieces not only aids in illumination, but this style is in trend these days, hence you could deploy it in your contemporary bathroom. On the other hand if you want to try something rustic then pieces like Stiletto 24-Inch LED Bath Bar could appeal to you, they come in different colors and also add a new flavor to the bathroom lighting.

Use sconces

Sconces are trending these days, and designers are of the opinion that they could literally be used anywhere and everywhere, so why not give them a shot in the bathroom as well. There are pieces like Saten Wall Sconce and Arcos A-911/40 Wall Sconce, which owing to their high-quality design and build quality could be used in the bathroom. Moreover there are other pieces like Ecos AP 35 Wall Sconce which could be deployed few feet away from the switch board, just to add a bit of panache. If you happen to have a powder room in your bathroom, then you’re in luck as sconces such as Pablo Wall Sconce, could be deployed as primary source of light. They are a great source of illumination and much more than that also beautify you wall, lending it elegance and regal feel.

Bathroom lighting offers lot of room for experimentation, therefore before finalizing any decision, research and while you research always keep your requirements in mind.

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