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5 Hot Interior Design Trends In Miami

5 Hot Interior Design Trends In Miami

Miami Trends

If you live in the Miami area and you are looking to upgrade or remodel your home, then there are a few trends for interior design in this area that you should be aware of besides modern lighting. After you pick out your Italian lighting, you will be looking at and researching many different styles and decorative items over the next couple of weeks and it will be important to keep yourself organized. The items, colors, and shapes of the purchases you will make will be determined by the specific style that you have. However, there are some elements to interior design trends in Miami that will transcend the limitations of specific styles and themes and be a staple in any home in Miami. Some of the big home decor tips for the Miami area include oversized window settings, chandelier lighting, comfortable kitchen area, oversized curtains, and tiled bathrooms.

Oversized Windows

In any home in Miami you will want oversized windows. The weather is beautiful pretty much year round, and many people love to take advantage of the amazing amounts of warm sunlight that is available throughout the year. Having the windows in an oversized setting opens up the space in the home and makes your home's structure feel larger. Some people choose to have an entire wall be a window glass style; others choose to enhance their space with large windows outlining the entire perimeter of the home. It is a matter of personal preference; however, no matter your style, you can make over sized windows work. This will save you from using your modern ceiling lights all the time as well.

The next big interior design trend in Miami is the installation of chandelier lighting fixtures. The chandelier lighting fixture can be used in a number of places and can come in a variety of different styles. A chandelier can be used to illuminate the kitchen area over a cooking island, the dining room area over the table, or any common area either in the center of the room or over a table. Chandeliers can come as elaborately designed as you want or as simple and basic as you need them to be; therefore, they are a great lighting source for any personal style or home design. Chandeliers are known for adding a touch of class to any home.


If you are living in the Miami area and you are designing the style of your perfect Miami home, then you will need to make sure that you have a relaxed and comfortable kitchen area with good kitchen lighting. The kitchen is no longer used only for preparing meals, now the kitchen area is also a common social interaction area as well. You will need to make sure that your kitchen is set up and designed in a way that makes guests and family feel comfortable hanging out and socializing in it. This can be achieved with any personal style and in any myriad of ways; however, you simply have to make sure that the kitchen is comfortable and relaxed.


Along with a previously stated necessity for the Miami home, to fit your oversized windows, you will need large oversized curtains to block out all of that sunlight when you need to. The large curtains can fit any home design; however, they should definitely be large and colorful in shape and design. The benefit of having large and heavy curtains is that they will block out the sun and help to regulate the temperature of the home without increasing energy costs.

The final element of the perfect Miami interior design is to have tiled bathrooms. From floor to ceiling, the tiled bathroom is a must-have for the perfect Miami home. You can use different tiles and textures to achieve different looks; however, you must have a tiled bathroom in the Miami area if you want to achieve the perfect interior home design.

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