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3 Awesome ideas for Overhead Lighting in Bedroom

3 Awesome ideas for Overhead Lighting in Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom is not only limited to setting up the furniture and styling the walls but extends to carefully picking out the best lighting for your room. Don’t forget; lighting can completely transform your bedroom’s space by brightening all the dark corners and grey areas.

Your bedroom is the one room in the house that is made for you to head over to relax and unwind the day’s stress in; hence, it is crucial to set the lighting properly, so you’re making the most out of your time there.

Layering the Lights and Playing with Ambience 

To find the right balance between all the overhead lighting in your room, its best to know how to layer them. Align your overhead lighting in a way that you create stability in the bedroom. This will help you change between tones according to your mood with just a flick of the switch.

Similarly, if you’re planning on going for a more vogueish look with a bright and bold chandelier as the overhead lighting in your bedroom, it's best to choose styles that accentuate the look of your room and equally distribute the light, without any sharp focus falling on any one area of your bedroom.

Fixtures such as Bugia Triple Ceiling Light can also be a great start in transforming your bedroom. To further enhance the fixtures, install dimmers with your overhead bedroom lighting to always be in control of changing the lighting temperature.  

Brighten Every Corner with Ceiling Fixtures

Pieces like Ouverte ceiling fixture 4123 are probably the most common source of overhead bedroom lighting and for a good reason! Since they sit directly against the ceiling, they brighten up every corner of your room, with little to no dark shadows being reflected. To ensure maximum comfort when you’re relaxing in bed, opt for fixtures that are covered from below, to avoid staring straight into a bright bulb.

Typically, fixtures such as Bano 5 Wall Light are well-decorated with numerous designs, such as colored glass, painted trims, metal, and plastic casings. With a wide variety of styles and sizes, especially semi and full flush mount ceiling lightings and low hanging pendant lightings, to name a few, pieces like Diamond SO Pendant Light are guaranteed to complement your bedroom’s style.

Turn the Room’s Focus Towards Bold Statement Pieces

It’s understandable if choosing a chandelier for your bedroom is a difficult decision for you to make, as they portray a fancier look but keep in mind that chandeliers are undeniably glamorous and add the right blend of drama and elegance to a bedroom. If you have a sitting area in your bedroom, its best to use a chandelier as the overhead lighting to define that space. Don’t worry, opting for bold statement pieces like Dome 180 Chandelier will never be a decision you regret!

If you have high ceilings in your house, specifically 10 feet or above, fixtures such as Discoco Small Ceiling Light are the best choice for you, as choosing the right style not only accentuates your room but also gives more depth to the space.

Similarly, large rooms are well-complemented by recessed lighting. The contemporary look is best paired with false ceilings, to dull down the sharp LED light from being the main focus of the room. Don’t go overboard with installing too many lights and be sure to space them apart appropriately, as even a few of these lights can instantly brighten up any room.

Don’t be afraid of projecting creative ideas when finding the perfect overhead lighting for your bedroom, as they can either make or break the space in your room. Choose wisely!

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