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Wood: The Clean, Contemporary Lighting Material

Wood: The Clean, Contemporary Lighting Material

Textural, warm and transitional, wood is a preferred lighting material for Fall/Winter 2012. Cozy this season's coming chill with the cordial glow of illuminated oak veneers. Hush frigid temps with the blush of softened bulb and the genial surface of birch. Flush and renew near blue cheeks under the rosy shades and canopied arms of a cedar chandelier. Now's the time to plan holiday gatherings under modern wood's kind light. Practical, functional, natural, durable, artistic, elegant, timeless and beautiful that's wood. Old and new, eclectic and graceful, neutral and lasting that's wood. Mixed easily and stylishly with an array of popular companions such as aluminum, steel, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, brass and Lucite, there is no space where wood cannot coexist as an integral and attractive design element. Check out the vast array of wood fixtures available to you at Interior-Deluxe! Craftsman and artisans dance at the chance to engineer a new take on wood and light together. Whether their inspiration is classical, Asian, rustic, mid-century or pure innovation, see the forest and the trees through their refreshing and illuminated designs! The Wood Ceiling Light from Zero is a remarkable blend of pure organics, aesthetics and function. Through an oiled oak veneer or a black stained finish with matt opal glass diffuser, this lamp can be successfully installed into any decor. It's charming, unassuming and simple.

The Tube Wall Sconce by Domus takes shape like a twig to branch as it happily unifies varying room features and furnishings, creating textural punch in a color filled design scape. Everything belongs because of this uncomplicated, no-nonsense, friendly fixture. The Tube is available in both walnut-oiled and zebrano finishes. The Wood Wall Lamp 90117 by Linea is another appealing light that summons nature quickly in. Silk-screened, sandblasted glass and decorated wood fittings are combined to exhibit a highly pleasing mix of workmanship and artistry.

B.Lux brings us the Helios Suspension Lamp. Repetitious in design, geometrical and seemingly woven, this globe is made of natural matt varnished wood with a matt aluminum internal structure. Buoyant and crafted, it offers an interesting mix of intermittent, casual beams. Effortlessly it becomes a focal center point for dining rooms, entry halls and more! Finally, the Bonn 7 Light Chandelier from LBL Lighting shows us a customizable multi-pendant lamp supported by a maple or walnut color rectangular canopy. Considering the neutral but earthy glass color options which include amber, brown, clear, olive green and smoke, this fixture has an inherently organic, streamlined appeal. These marvelous lights celebrate the fusion of wood and light in new and exciting ways to complement rooms and spaces of every style! Contact or visit Interior-Deluxe for more information on utilizing wood fixtures in your home.

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