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Trendy Oversized Lighting for Any Room

Trendy Oversized Lighting for Any Room

Each year, bold oversized lighting fixtures become more and more popular for interior design. There are many reasons that people are choosing large lighting fixtures for their homes. For example, an oversized light can make a grand, open room feel more pulled together and styled. In smaller rooms, an oversized light adds drama and focus. No matter what type of space you have an oversized light in, the fixture will instantly grab attention. And because there are so many styles out there, it's easy to add an oversized light to any type of decor. Here are some tips on how to use big lighting fixtures in any room.  

Oversized Lights in the Great Room

Many modern homes have an open floor plan design, which means that the kitchen and the living area are more like one big room, rather than two separate rooms. In order to keep the airy and open feeling of the space, walls have been eliminated, allowing traffic and conversation to flow throughout both spaces. But most people still want each space to feel like a unique area, and one way to keep the two areas separate is to use lighting fixtures to highlight each area. Oversized lighting fixtures can be a big help in this type of setting. One oversized light in the living room can put a spot light on this space, visually separating it from the kitchen, where recessed lights help illuminate the work stations. Or, oversized dome pendants in the kitchen can give that room a spotlight, while softer table side lamps in the living room keep things cozy in there. One great example of a fixture for a kitchen is the Dome Pendant Light by Seed Design.

 This type of fixture still puts plenty of light on the work station of a kitchen, but also allows you to create a sleek and modern style in your kitchen. A row of these oversized pendants over a long island is a great way to separate a kitchen from another living space while still keeping the kitchen bright and well-lit.  

Oversized Lights in the Dining Room

The dining room is one of the most quintessential rooms for oversized lighting. A chandelier or oversized pendant in this room makes the space feel grand and formal, which is perfect for creating a majestic dining area in your home. Whether you frequently host guests, or you just want a beautiful setting for family dinners, lighting can make an immediate impact in your dining room. If your dining room is separated from the rest of the house, an oversized chandelier or pendant is one way to make the smaller room feel special, rather than cut off. If the dining room is part of the great room open floor plan, the lighting fixture will visually separate the area from the other parts of big room. One great example is the Tiger Lilly chandelier by AVMazzega, an elegant hanging chandelier with oversized petals. The trumpet lighting makes the space feel sophisticated and formal, without being too bright. The clear and black design would work very well with many types of styles, without going too dark. The unique curving shape of the petals give the entire fixture a very dramatic look, which is part of what makes oversized pendants so perfect for a dining room. Whether you go with a very formal crystal chandelier, something like the Tiger Lilly, or something more modern like a dome pendant, the dining room is the perfect place to experiment with big and bold lighting.  

Oversized Lights in the Bedroom

The bedroom is another fantastic place to put oversized lighting fixtures as focal points. In the bedroom, you typically want lighting to be dimmer and less bold; the room is most often used for sleeping, after all. As such, many people opt for recessed lighting that can be controlled via a dimmer switch. But there are times when you may need more illumination, such as when reading. To get the drama of a big lighting fixture in a bedroom without making the space way too bright when you want to use the overhead lights, one great option is an oversized free standing lamp. Frame the bed with a pair of large lamps for instant style and plenty of illumination only when you want it. The Bender Floor Lamp by Northern Lighting is a very sleek, industrial design that is perfect for contemporary bedrooms.

 The head can be moved and positioned in exactly the way that you want, and the uniquely oversized shape adds a touch of whimsy to a room without taking away from the very modern style. This is one great example of how to use oversized lighting in a bedroom. Chandeliers that can be dimmed are also another way to add oversized lights to a bedroom, which can add elegance and glamor to the space to make you feel like you're sleeping in a luxurious retreat.  

Embrace Bold Lighting This Year

There are many other places in your home where a big and bold lighting fixture would add just the right style. From a hanging chandelier over a bathtub, to a bold lighting fixture in a big entry way, lighting can be just as stylish as the art on your walls, while still serving its function. The interesting thing about oversized lighting is that it can be used to both compliment a large room, and to add dramatic focus to a smaller space. Even if you don't think your room is big enough for one of these fixtures, give it a try; you may be surprised by how much you love the style that a big fixture can add to a smaller space. Keep in mind what kind of lighting you need in a space before you commit to a single, large pendant. You may need to combine an oversized fixture with smaller recessed lights to get plenty of illumination in a room like the kitchen. Ready to revamp your home lighting? Check out our "living room lighting" for more ideas.
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