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Top Ten Favorite Outdoor Fixtures

Top Ten Favorite Outdoor Fixtures

As the temperatures begin to rise and the flowers are in bloom, we turn our thoughts to outdoor spaces. Your garden, terrace or balcony are ideal playgrounds for your lighting creativity. Decorative illumination with modern outdoor lighting fixtures is fun but also consider other aspects such of safety. Just as we need proper lighting in our living rooms, so to do our outdoor spaces. Whether it's lighting a walk way or illuminating a pool deck, there are many contemporary lighting fixtures that are both functional and fashionable. A lit driveway and footpath provides a safe, secure and pleasant entry when arriving home. Pay attention that steps and problematic corners are well light without glare. Use energy-saving lamps and LEDs that can either burn all night or are triggered by heat or motion sensors. Let's look at a few of our customer's favorites.

Contemporary outdoor lighting for safety and beauty

 Contemporary Outdoor Floor Light

Outdoor wall Sconces

modern outdoor light fixtures Unique outdoor lighting wall sconce 

Pool Lights

Waterproof Floating Pool Lamp 

Outdoor Pendant Lights

classic outdoor pendant lighting

Outdoor Floor Lamp

unique modern outdoor floor lamp
Remember that the principal purpose of illuminating your pool or garden is decorative. Therefore you wouldn't want to use floodlighting, but rather place some well positioned sources of light to compose a sight-scape of light and shadow. Create optical 'magnets' by side lighting a wall with an outdoor sconce to accentuate its relief or an island of calm by a lit pool. Illuminate trees from behind and upwards and bushes from within. Effectively re-stage a picturesque single object for its visibility at night. Interior Deluxe has the perfect light fixtures to make your home or business safe, secure and inviting.
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