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The Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp, a beautiful and functional work of art

The Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp, a beautiful and functional work of art

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room, as it allows you to complete tasks a bit easier, like studying and reading. It also looks great. There's nothing like having the right amount of glow in a room. If you are in the process of trying to install light fixtures throughout your home, interior decorators have most likely tried to convince you to install modern chandeliers or modern wall sconces. However, floor lamps are just as important as all other lighting fixtures. Many retailers sell floor lamps. But, there is one online store that sells these beautiful fixtures at discounted prices - Interior Deluxe. This company sells all types of beautiful luminaires, but one of the most popular pieces is the Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp.


This gorgeous lamp stands at just over 10 feet and was designed by world-renowned Italian architect and designer, Michele De Lucchi. De Lucchi is known for his sleek and contemporary designs, and this lamp exemplifies his sophisticated style. The Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp has an adjustable arm body structure and is constructed out of extruded aluminum. The diffuser, which is available in three different sizes and has an aluminum frame, comes in a grey or parchement-colored polycarbonate fiber blend. This luminaire also has a dimmer on the cord, so homeowners can adjust the amount of light that this lamp emits. Although this floor lamp would certainly make a statement in any room, it would probably look best in the living room, where family members and house guests can enjoy its beautifully constructed design.

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