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The perfect desk light

The perfect desk light

Good lighting at your home desk creates a pleasant atmosphere and makes work easier. But how can I find the perfect model?   Tolomeo Tolomeo is one of the best-selling desk lamps of the last decades. It uses the technique of spring balancing, which is reminiscent of an arm whose bones are held and moved by tensioned muscles and tendons. The aluminum luminaire of 1987 stabilizes the lamp via steel cables routed by hidden springs, which are guided over a cantilever. The lamp was designed by Michele De Lucci and Giancarlo Fassina. In the meantime, the aluminum table lamp also has a variety of standing and clamping variants, as well as reduced and enlarged versions. If you are looking for a desk light, you should not just look for the design or the price. Much more important is the question of your own lighting requirements. How bright should it be and which light source is most suitable for this? Do you need one or more light sources? It is advisable to illuminate the screen workstation brightly, so that you can work quickly and without tiring.


The Gras lamp is considered a luminaire for architects - the legendary Le Corbusier already used it in his own offices and made the work light known for its use in his projects throughout the world. It was developed in 1921 by the French architect, engineer and designer Bernard-Albin Gras. The two articulated arms optionally sat on a cast iron or a heavy wooden base at that time. The latter made the Gras lamp perfect for use in scientific laboratories, since no electrical transmissions were to be expected on the working surface. This led to the use of the lamp in the workshops at Institut Pasteur as well as Georges Braques and Henri Matisse. Use an illuminating power of 500 to 1000 lux, as the viewing performance is optimal only on bright surfaces. For general lighting of the workplace, on the other hand, 300 to 500 Lux is already sufficient. If you value a good color reproduction, high-quality LEDs and halogen lights come into consideration. The aspects of dimmability and light color also play a role. A warm red ambient light in the office will not increase your concentration. Only when you have clarified all these points, you should look for the light fixture that suits your taste.   Take your time and try it out Get advice and take advantage of the expertise of a specialist business that can really help you. And take your time for the purchase, because the purchase of light fixtures is not about seasonal goods, which will disappear from the assortment within a few days. Try to make sure the light is set to shine from the top of the workspace and does not create a glare or reflections.

Mooove lamp

The Swiss desk lamp Mooove is formally reduced to three rectangular metal profiles, which are connected by means of three translucent magnetic joints. Moreover, it can also be folded like a classic officer's knife with pocket-mounted tools. The operation is without contact and even the light color of the LEDs can be adjusted between 2,700 and 4,000 Kelvin. The modular luminaire with the Y-shaped foot by the two designers Aaron Rauh and David Saupe was awarded design prizes even before the market launch. Think about the extent to which the luminaire has to be adjusted and whether it fits in its size at your workplace. However, at the same time you should also test the haptics of the luminaire: touch the luminaire and get a picture of the surface quality. Tap the table lights once and test whether your future desk lamp is tilt-proof as well. Check your favorite lamp in operation as well: How is the light being distributed? Is everything glare-free? Ask your lighting contractor if you can take your favorite desk lamp home with you and check out the effect at your desk. Only then can you be sure that your new desk lighting really meets your needs.

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