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Sparkling star - "toile" by Adriano Rachele

Sparkling star - "toile" by Adriano Rachele

Charming light effects in a breezy design: the form of the "toile" light fixture is reminiscent of a ballerina skirt. Etoile by Adriano Rachele The art of dance and expressive design enter into a fascinating symbiosis in the "toile" light fixture by Adriano Rachele. With its airy light silhouette the light reminiscent of a ballerina skirt, which rises at the dance and bounces gently. The lamp is completely made of Lentiflex and is equipped with bright LEDs. Facing the ceiling the light creates a relaxing atmosphere, centrally focused the light conjures enticing light reflexes on surfaces, and when directed downwards the light shows tables and furniture in a radiant light. The lamp is available in two different sizes. Adriano Rachele The creator of "toile", Adriano Rachele, studied industrial design before he began his career with Slamp. With his designs, he wants to oppose the trend toward mass production. All lamps by Rachele reflect a special aura of uniqueness. However, it is possible to produce his works in series. Rachele works for his designs with state of the art technology and the latest materials. The light fixtures, that are being created, are an expression of pure poetry. Purchase this fixture here
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