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Spark Your Tele-Commute with Creative Desktop Lighting!

Spark Your Tele-Commute with Creative Desktop Lighting!

Spark Your Tele-Commute with Creative Desktop Lighting! The flexibility of home based employment makes for a growing trend in today's challenging economy. Multi-tasking is the name of the game. But staying focused, productive, inspired and distraction free can be difficult with the kids, the dog, the neighbors, your Mother and the plumber all only a few feet away. How do you stay lit for success? You start with the basics. If there's one thing you've got to get right, it's the desk lamp. Check out our office lighting!

Though a simple lighting element, the desk lamp remains the most important aspect of quality work space. The goal is optimum physical and emotional comfort while you work. The first office lighting tip? Don't always light things uniformly. Varied layers of both focused light and patches of warmth support working success and bolster a resourceful mood. With desk lamps, build adjustable intensities and angles for adaptable, high white light. This allows for efficient, concentrated task study, reducing eye stress and maximizing detail orientation. Oppositely, if your job keeps you glued to a computer or requires heavy paperwork; broader all-purpose lighting best augments your mission. The great news is that task lighting has come a long way and functional ambiance has arrived! Think of fun, colorful, sleek, industrial, bold or even animated styles to light your desk.

You can also browse table lamps to illuminate your genius and reflect your taste, personality, and business! Plus remember today's newer bulbs can vary in color and light concentration. Choose a pleasing mix of "dimmable" bulbs to foster design interest and work productivity. An incandescent lamp utilizes yellow light while a halogen lamp is bluish white. The energy efficient fluorescent bulb also offers rich working light for purpose driven rooms. Desk top lighting is easily combined with other lighting styles that tell the world how you do business. Ceiling fixtures, pendants, floor lamps and even chandeliers can complement desk or table top pieces. And don't forget about natural lighting from windows and skylights as they source positive energy and self-motivation. What's left? Bright ideas are swirling! Fill the water cooler and get to work in your perfect home office. Visit our store for more information on office lighting.

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