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Black Friday Sale - Savings up to 30% OFF Sitewide! Shop Now »
Pretty Table Lamps

Pretty Table Lamps

See how pretty, oh so pretty, pretty and witty and bright! Looking for a lamp with noticeable delicacy, shimmering sparkle or glamorous glow? There's a world of pretty, contemporary table lighting available through Interior-Deluxe! You'll find colors of pink, frosted white or crystallized blues and finishes of gold, silver, chrome, and nickel. Muted, iced glass and flame-like flickers to accent finer furnishings and nooks. Sculptural shades in satin, silk, velvet and damask or globes formed like Venus herself, these and more are all available through Interior-Deluxe. Such a pretty face, such a pretty dress. All's a pearl with EviStyle's York table lamp as it sits like a feathery, ruffled skirt atop any side table.  Smart and soft, diffused light dances through its billowy shade. In this lamp, geometric lines take pretty to a new place. Those with daring style will love it.

I feel charming, oh so charming. The Marea table lamp from Lamp seems to curtsy as it regally shines in a jeweled grace. The wavy, tone on tone frosted shade is dainty and light, as is the bowing base that bends beneath a poised swan-like umbrella. Place this lamp next to your taffeta and diamonds.

I feel stunning and entrancing. Transparent Spectra crystal pendants decorate the neck of the Nerosole table lamp by Masiero. It's pink toned Venetian Murano glass evokes a feminine, romantic glow and its chrome plated frame offers a simple, uncomplicated post. This piece is perfect for Halogen lighting. In the Belinda lamp from Modiss, incandescent white light plays under a brushy, iced velvet shade while a slender, satin aluminum baton stands as a subtle base. Modern, quiet light is extended to the area. I feel dizzy, I feel sunny, I feel fizzy and funny and fine.

The rigadin style Goto table lamp from Vistosi has a white blown glass design speckled with 24k gold flecks. Statuesque and elegant, the fixture is available in two sizes and is authentic hand craftsmanship. The lovely lines of the lamp make it suitable for any beautiful room missing that one finer piece. Visit or contact Interior-Deluxe when you're feeling pretty!

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