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Pendant Lighting 101

Pendant Lighting 101

Pendant lighting is a nice option for private spaces, owing to its diverse range of applications it could be utilized in multiple settings. They not only uplift the tempo of a space, but the cool demeanor of pieces also plays a crucial role in adding flavor to your ambiance. Here are a few tips that might help you when you head out for pendant shopping.

Finding the right match

They say couples are made in heaven, well so is the case with pendants and spaces, when you see the right piece, you would feel the same. However you need to be careful as there are few things that you must consider before buying these pendants, firstly the general rule of thumb is that pieces are made for spacious spaces.

Therefore try not to deviate from this rule. On the contrary sleek pendants such as Rocio 1 LED Pendant Light and Lio SP Pendant Light are usually reserved for small spaces. If you want to add a bulky piece to a small setting, it might overwhelm the entire setting and could come across as an imposing light source, therefore try to avoid such situation.

Scaling is crucial

This is perhaps the most important point and many people tend to miss it because they consider pendant just another eye-candy piece, however they are much more than that. Pendants are a primary source of light, and hence they should be utilized to their full potential. If you wish to place a pendant on top of your kitchen island then ensure that the light scaling is perfect, as you would be using it for task lighting. Pieces such as Bell Pendant light are specifically built for task lighting and are hence deemed ideal for dining table and Kitchen Island.

Different light varieties

One aspect that differentiates pendants from other lighting sources is that it offers different types of light. Sconces and chandelier might come in different physical shapes; however pendants take the lead here as they offer different light types. It is because they are built from different materials, some are made from transparent plastic while others like Formosa C1 pendant light are made from metal and fabric. Hence depending on the material their light also varies.

Henceforth it is advised that you go for pieces that could be utilized to their full potential. Never underestimate pieces such as Kelly Small Dome 50 Pendant Light, they might appear to be small and feeble, however when it comes to light, they are a sheer powerhouse.

Where to hang them

Most cliché question about pendants is that where you hang these majestic and wonderful pieces of art, the answer honestly is fairly simple; you can place them anywhere and everywhere. From a corner in your bedroom to your dining table, pendants can literally be placed anywhere. One thing pendants are good at is adaptation; they adapt according to the surroundings and gel in nicely with the environment.

Pieces like Cut Short Pendant Light could be placed in the living area, hang them in a corner, or if you want something as a center piece then go with Aixlight R2 Square Pendant Lamp. On the other hand if you want something for your dining room then sturdy pieces like Ola Pendant Lamp - circular and Mizu Seven Pendant Light could prove in very handy. Pendants are versatile, glamorous and elegant and no lighting plan is complete without them, therefore don’t forget to incorporate them in your settings. 

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