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LEDs shine bright

LEDs shine bright

The small light-emitting diodes are advancing slowly but steadily in the private sector. Meanwhile, there is a large selection of beautiful and high quality LED lights available. A bright LED point. This LED lamp is a shapely reading lamp and looks like it was created from one cast. Small energy saving miracles   Almost as flat as a sheet of glass and graceful like a delicate plant: the point-shaped, tiny LEDs offer designers completely new options when designing their lights as well as for your home. Due to their small size LEDs are often used where conventional light sources might have a problem, such as wall niches, furniture, stairs, or tiles, and even paving stones. So far LED lamps were used in desk lamps, in the form of light ribbons, Christmas lights or for controlling color light. Nowadays designer LEDs can be seen in consumer homes as well: they hang over the dining room table, in the corner of the living room or serve as a reading lamp. So far, the LED market for consumers was dominated by a few and well known manufacturers. Those are increasingly joined by smaller companies or young designers there is hardly any manufacturer any more, which has not at least one LED light in his portfolio. And it is expected that these lights will become more affordable, because technological development is progressing rapidly. However, especially with LED lights, you should choose quality products, which can, of course, have their price. Dione LED      
This lamp is in redesign with innovative LED technology. A moving light object for splendid rooms. There are LEDs inside   As of September 2010, when the 60-watt bulb will slowly disappear from store shelves, one has to worry about new energy-saving light bulbs. Of course, the bulb can be replaced by a LED in many old lamps - because many LED bulbs have the same thread, look like a "light bulb" and compete with warm white light color. LEDs with integrated small light-emitting diodes in the lamp head can be seen in a different light. In this case, the exchange is not possible easily any longer. In some models the LED chip, if it no longer works, can be changed out without any effort like the SIM card of a mobile phone. But many models need to be sent back completely if the LEDs are broken. But in this case - at least in the long run is extremely unlikely, because LEDs are very durable. Their lifespan is between 15,000 and 25,000 hours. This means: with an average burn time of three hours a day the lamps must be changed out after about 15 years. And you should consider quality products in this case as well.     Mantis LED
The discreet LED light is infinitely variable and adjustable. Material: Ash or Maple. The luminosity of the LEDs is enormous, considering the low wattage and thus lower energy consumption. Therefore, a tiny light strip can brighten up an entire room. Another advantage of the LED is the ability to shine in a variety of colors. You can adjust the desired color setting remotely, according to your mood.
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