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LED Lighting Buying Gude

LED Lighting Buying Gude

New technologies have a way of carving their own niche, same happened with LED, when it first appeared on horizon, no one was really sure what to expect from this futuristic technology. However, LED lights not only passed the test of time but now are the first choice of many, LED lights are environment friendly and hence a must have in your lighting layout for your house. Here are a few tips which you must keep in mind while choosing LED lighting for your place.

Think long-term

While you take the leap of faith from incandescent to LED lights, you might at first feel that it is an expensive switch, however soon you would realize that LED lights are not only long lasting but they also consume less energy. Perhaps these are the reasons why they are a bit expensive in the first place. However, these are precisely the reasons why these are being loved by the house users; speak of turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Variety and Diversity

Not all LED’s are created equal, well this is pretty much true about everything and in case of LED’s the diverse plethora of options cannot be described any better. Pieces like Wood LED Pendant Light and Caboche Media LED Chandelier are on a bit expensive side of the spectrum, but the build quality topped with meticulous design is what sets them apart from the crowd.

The ‘Switch’ is easier than you think

Moreover many people are reluctant about making the switch from the incandescent bulbs to the LED bulbs; however there is nothing to be worried about, as the switch is easier than you believe. All you need to do is simple replacement of incandescent bulbs with the LED ones.

Real Energy Saver

In modern days energy saving options are gaining popularity amongst the house owners and this is regarded as one of the leading reasons behind the immense demand of the LED fixtures. Since LED fixtures like Bill LED Table Lamp and OCEANA LED 14" LED SCONCE convert almost 95% of their consumed electricity into light hence this sheer efficiency has become their unique selling point. Compared to incandescent bulbs which converted only 10% of the consumed energy into light, this is a remarkable shift in terms of efficiency, hence you must go for pieces like Versio Spot Light - LED for your living and drawing room if you want to make a difference through your actions and want to save environment for the future generations.

LED fixtures with dimmers

Many LED fixtures like Pill LED Suspension Lamp and Tress Grande LED Pendant Light come with pre-installed dimmers, which makes them immediate favorite amongst home owners as dimmers empower people to set the mood of the space. If you are looking for pieces with pre-installed dimmers then you’ve got to check the LED pieces like Hotel Aqua LED Bollard floor light as they not only come with pre-installed dimmers but their ultra-futuristic design sets them apart from the crowd.

Wide Array of Color Ranges

Many times it has been observed that people have complained about the limited options when it comes to color spectrum, however it seems like LED fixtures even check this box, as they come with a wide range of color options. From calming white to bright yellow, you would get a whole plethora of colors alternatives. Hence if you are looking for lighting fixtures which are available in multiple color lights, then LED fixtures are the way forward.


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