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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Modern Chandeliers

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Modern Chandeliers

When you think of high-end homes and timeless lighting, modern chandeliers are likely among the first things to come to mind.

These styles have persisted for centuries. Candle chandeliers were a prominent feature in Tudor castles, Victorian estates often used beautiful gaslight options, and this timeless lighting system was often seen in ornate homes during the Roaring 20s.

You can become a part of this long and rich history as well. Investing in a beautiful chandelier for your foyer or dining room is a great way to make your luxury home even more classy. Read on for some things you need to know before selecting a gorgeous chandelier for your space.

What Makes a Chandelier a Great Choice?

In addition to allowing you to be part of high-end history, chandeliers are a great option for your home because they're a symbol of opulence. Anyone who enters your home will immediately know that you're a classy individual with high tastes. You also will constantly feel a sense of luxury when relaxing at home, which is a great way to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Chandeliers are also great because they're versatile. There are dozens of chandelier types, so one is bound to look perfect with your interior design scheme. Whether you want a modern crystal chandelier for your high-ceilinged contemporary home or a soft-lit black one to go with oriental rugs, there's an option that fits your needs.

Using chandeliers is practical in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. They have multiple sources of light and therefore are able to evenly distribute it across the room. Well-constructed chandeliers mean that you won't need to worry about one area being well-lit while others stay cast in shadow.

Types of Trendy Modern Chandeliers

As we brushed on earlier, there are many types of chandeliers that luxury homeowners have to choose from. Cellula chandeliers are made with stainless steel and aluminum that has elegant Swavarski crystals dangling from their sturdy frame. This economical option costs less than $4000 and can also have blue, red, or green crystals that you arrange as desired.

The Swarovski chandelier 2329/18/45 is also a great choice for those who want a unique lighting fixture. This chandelier features crystals at the end of wavy glass arms and is manufactured in Vienna. This ensures the use of high-quality genuine Swarovski spectra crystals and gold or chrome plating.

If you want a more traditional-look modern dining room chandelier, Coco 160's black winding frame might be the right choice. You might also want to consider a Gold Royale chandelier that is the definition of opulence and sophistication. These styles are exactly what you think of when you picture a chandelier and therefore are the right choice for many classic spaces.

Crystal enthusiasts will love the Noah chandelier, which is a structure made from thousands of glimmering Swarovski crystals and Murano glass accents in a golden frame. You also may like a 744 chandelier with teardrop-shaped crystals at the end of curving silver arms.

Choosing Your Chandelier

When choosing your chandelier, you'll first want to consider what styles you actually like to look at. Many people get wrapped up in practical matters and forget to make sure that they actually enjoy the appearance of the lighting they choose. Remember that you'll be looking at this piece every day in your home and that it will likely be the centerpiece of a room before buying.

That isn't to say that practical matters aren't a concern, however- you definitely need to consider what fits best in the space that you're working with. Choose a chandelier that fits seamlessly in your space without being overwhelmingly large or underwhelmingly tiny. Also, consider the existing decor for your space and choose a more contemporary or traditional modern chandelier based on your findings.

You also need to consider the current trends in luxury home lighting when choosing your chandelier. Geometric motifs are big right now, so choosing something with clear, bold lines and rectangular shapes might be a good choice. However, large organic shapes are also trendy, especially when they have a lot of looping lines and circle-like aspects.

It really all comes down to personal taste and preference!

What Rooms Should You Include Them In?

Chandeliers work well in- drumroll, please- literally every area of your home. However, there are some rooms that work better than others for their large, drooping frames. They generally look best in high-ceilinged rooms or larger, more open ones.

This is not only because you can choose a chandelier that functions as a large centerpiece, though this definitely is an advantage. It also is because larger spaces provide more space for light to bounce around. This maximizes your chandelier's potential by making your space appear as ornate and opulent as possible.

You also can incorporate different chandelier styles in multiple areas of your home. While we don't recommend using the same modern black chandelier in every room, you can absolutely use this style in your foyer while using a crystal chandelier in your dining room. This will not only show off your high-level sophistication but will establish a more cohesive interior design scheme.

Begin Your Interior Renovations Today

Now that you know all about modern chandeliers, it's time to start the process of getting one. Browse our online lighting shop to view some of the most sophisticated and beautiful chandelier options that you can get for each room of your home.

If you have any inquiries or want a quote for a chandelier that you see on our website, don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to discussing your lighting needs with you soon and are excited to help you make your next renovations a success.

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