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Gregg Lighting Styles: Life and Purity Formed of Glass

Gregg Lighting Styles: Life and Purity Formed of Glass

Lighting with reference to our environment is organic, elegant and familiar, thus the appeal. The top-selling Gregg hanging lamp, table lamp, ceiling and outdoor light mimic nature's egg and were designed by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba for Foscarini.  Please see our manufacturer's page highlighting this illuminating family of fixtures! Imagine if you will a dinosaur egg, large, imperfect, smooth and white. This is what Gregg brings to us in asymmetrical, free-blown glass creations. Lit with warmth as if from a tiny living heart, these extraordinary lamps define the marriage of life, art and light. They are an incorporation of vision and design and a control of volume and space, combined within the exceptional and perfectly flawed character of glass. Contemporary and evolved, Gregg offers first the suspension pendant available in three sizes. Displayed individually or as a grouping, these lights become a focal point over any modern setting and liberate radiance through a white satin diffusion. The incandescent Gregg Bassa floor lamp also emanates uniformly with versatile and harmonious beams, perfect once more for any room. Geometry and elegance continue in the Gregg table lamp. Working as a featured centerpiece or vignette anchor, this home enhancing piece reflects a symbiotic artistry between form and light.

Simple and unexpected character is further expressed in Gregg's outdoor light. Friendly and odd, it invites smiles and conversation. Look to nature with Gregg for your lighting inspiration! Don't miss Gregg chandeliers and outdoor creations. Please visit or contact our showroom for more information about Foscarini lighting.

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