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Five Favorite Transitional Lamps

Five Favorite Transitional Lamps

So maybe your design style isn't quite traditional but not quite contemporary, perhaps it falls somewhere in between.The hot new design style referred to as transitional is a sophisticated blending of the traditional and contemporary styles. It takes the masculine features of contemporary design, metals, earth tones and clean lines and combines them with the more feminine curves of traditional furnishings. One design element that often draws from the contemporary realm is lighting. Lamps in brushed nickel, glass or silver can be worked into the transitional design scheme to add functionality with limited fussiness. They provide the clean lines and simplicity that define the contemporary style.

Here are five of our favorite lighting fixtures that are perfect for a transitional space.

dome pendant
Dome 14 Dome Pendant Light
contemporary pendant lights
Ola SO 3042 Pendant Light
gilda contemporary table lamp
Gilda Contemporary Table Lamp
para modern floor lamp
Para Contemporary Floor Lamp Dandy 1 Light 1000/A1 Wall Sconce Contemporary table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights and wall sconces can add a whole new dimension to your traditional style. carries thousands of contemporary lighting products to liven up your traditional design. Visit our online store today!
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