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Fairy Tale Fixtures for Little Girls!

Fairy Tale Fixtures for Little Girls!

Light your little girl's path to a beautiful and fulfilling life! Inspire her dreams and ignite her imagination with whimsical, enchanting fixtures. From lamps to chandeliers, there is a light to fascinate and captivate her vivid creativity. Bring her favorite fairy tales to life and illuminate her future through the extraordinary lighting styles available at Interior-Deluxe.

Lavish your little princess in splendor. Create her castle! Begin by indulging her highness with the feathery light jeweled crystals of a mini chandelier. Choose from vintage style or contemporary and fill her bedroom with charm and wonder! See the Lillibet Mini chandelier from Slamp! It's a crowning gem to French antique furnishings, pink palettes and ruffled satin coverlets. Or choose the Loto wall sconce from Moduluce, a floral Venetian inspiration with elegant bobbles, bobeches and leaves! Want to throw in the moon? Why not? She's worth it! Check out Nordlux's Luna wall sconce. She'll giggle as fairies dance in its glow. The Johnny B Butterfly pendant light from Ingo Mauer is for the birds and flowers! Artsy, playful and amusing, this fixture is from wonderland itself. Bring the outdoors in and light the glee in your daughter's eyes. Great for overhead illumination. How about a lacy little lamp for her bedside table? Available in a suspension, floor, wall and ceiling fixture, the Damasco LT M Table Lamp from Vistosi is a soft, pretty custom piece.

Create a storybook ambiance above her canopied bed with the Vertex 1 recessed light from Schonbek. As she drifts to slumber, light an invitation to fanciful fables and magical adventures. Choose the vintage rose color scheme to enhance her sweet dreams. As a companion fixture, use the Vertex 1 recessed spot light, also in vintage rose, to accent special bedroom artwork or unique furnishings. Give your little Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Belle or Fiona the lighting of her dreams. Visit or contact Interior-Deluxe for more on children's lighting design.

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