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Emberlight - A new technology that makes your lighting smart

Emberlight - A new technology that makes your lighting smart

Emberlight is a new startup based in San Francisco. It makes it possible for you to experience a smart home without necessarily depleting your resources. The devices are easy to set up as you just connect with your existing home Wi-Fi and your smartphone Bluetooth connection. Also, you will enjoy all the features of smart bulbs such as dimming and controlling individual or groups of lights. In fact, Emberlight products have more functionalities than smart bulbs: they can adjust to your daily routine without any further programming. Just don't throw away your old incandescent light bulbs; they can turn your house into a smart home.
Why You Should Turn To Emberlight Products
You can easily save money and time by building and living in smart homes. However, the cost of setting up smart homes can be well beyond your reach. It is because you will need to adopt intelligent lighting which requires smart bulbs and complicated setup systems. Nevertheless, a company known as Emberlight is bidding itself as the solution to your smart home budgetary constraints. The San Francisco-based startup addresses the problem by creating a simple socket that can turn any light bulb into a smart bulb, and at a much cheaper cost. How Emberlight works The Emberlight socket is an adapter that can convert any light bulb into an intelligent lighting device, and get you closer to the feel of a smart home. The implication here is that you won't need to get rid of any of your conventional bulbs to make room for the exorbitantly priced smart bulbs. You only need simple wireless technology to control each of the light bulbs. You can control them in such a way that you can turn them off or on from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi, or have them dim or switch on or off as you approach or leave your home. All these functionalities are possible through a smartphone or tablet PC. Advantages of the Emberlight sockets: Cheap Regular smart light bulbs are high-end devices whose prices may scare into dropping the dream of a smart home. The light bulbs also require expensive wireless hubs that may need the services of an equally expensive technician to set up. Fortunately, you won't have to break your bank to enjoy almost similar services. At just $39.99, you can get Emberlight socket at Amazon. Moreover, you will not have to throw away your traditional light bulbs because the Emberlight socket works with any bulb. Thanks to Emberlight, you can also enjoy a smart home environment without over-stretching your financial resources. Easy to install and operate Unlike the smart light bulbs which require hordes of hardware for setup, Emberlight sockets need just your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. You won't need any hub or cables to entangle you up and hamper your movement, and no cryptic starter pack. Just a minute is enough to set up all your Emberlight sockets on your home Wi-Fi network. Using your smartphone, you can operate all the lights connected to the network from anywhere. It means that you don't need any technical skills to manage the smart sockets. Can toggle between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi You will be at home with the ease with which your Emberlight sockets will be switching between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth depending on distance. Once you have plugged in and tested the connections, the devices will be switching automatically to the nearest wireless connection. If you are operating them from your smartphone, lights will come on or off via Bluetooth connection when you are within range, and turn to Wi-Fi when you get out of range. It will afford you full control of your home lighting system whenever and wherever you are. Works with IFTTT Smart sockets from Emberlight are fully compatible with IFTTT. You can access several functions on the IFTTT platform, and they include turning the light on and off. You will also be able to toggle the lights, that is, if it is on, it turns off, and if it is off, it automatically comes on. It I also possible to control the dimness level of your lights. You may also want to operate single bulb, or a several of them at one go. Have dimming functions Emberlight ensures that you enjoy most of the functionalities of smart bulbs but at an affordable cost. To make it even easier for you, there is no complicated procedure. All you need is the Emberlight app on your internet-enabled mobile device, and you will be able to set the dimness of your lights to the desired level. By fitting these sockets in your home, you get to wow your visitors by dimming or brightening your lights to set the appropriate mood from a swipe on your mobile device. Control one or more lights Emberlight sockets will also afford you the ability to control one light or a group of them from your smart device. It is easy to connect them to your phone because the product software is device friendly; it quickly adapts to your iOS or Android phone through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE that uses little energy. So, when you go to bed, feel no pressure if you forgot to switch off the lights in the kitchen or the patio. Reach for your device and turn off particular bulbs, then have a peaceful sleep. Automate lights with other products Proximity, a tap or a schedule will be enough to automate all your smart socket functions. You can set your outdoor lights to switch on whenever you approach your house or turn off when you leave your premises. You can also tweak the settings of your Emberlight lights to dim, go off and turn on at particular times. It is also possible to manipulate them in such a way that they automatically turn on whenever the alarm is triggered. The lights can also "learn" your routine so they can respond to your preferences without any further setups. Imagine the bulbs in your living room lighting up as you enter and then turn off as you exit to the bedroom. Surreal as it may sound, it works perfectly on the Emberlight sockets.  
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