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Big is beautiful - Large lighting fixtures for your home

Big is beautiful - Large lighting fixtures for your home

Dear readers, we proudly present: the most likely biggest lights for living quarters. These huge light fixtures need a little more space than usual. Swan XL
This is the bigger brother of the small table lamps. The 1.30 meter high lamp with the goose neck weighs about 50 kg Large and elegant Today, a lot of things are "big": cities outgrow themselves, cars are getting more spacious, and people are getting taller all the time... In the age of LED, lighting design actually tends to become smaller because of the tiny LED lamps. But big lights are still very popular. It doesn't have to be the huge crystal chandelier, which decorates the entrance halls or salons of stately mansions. It is up to you, whether you are trying to get attention through large objects or would like to gain prestige. Maybe you are just a fan of big furniture and large objects. Should it be little bit more? This lamp looks very light-weight due to the openings and the light color. The lamp creates beautiful light patterns First of all, a large lamp is an eye-catcher. And, of course, it needs its own place. In larger apartments or airy homes, a room can accommodate a bigger size lamp. In small rooms, that stretch over two or more floors, a large pendant lamp is much better suited than a "normal-sized" or small lamp. If the lamp is too small, it will go completely unnoticed in such a room. It would also not give off enough light to light up the entire room. Voluminous lamps don't have to be heavy and clumsy. They often consist of lightweight materials like fabric because of their size and have a very open design in a lot of cases. Pendant luminaires are certainly the most common version of large light objects, followed by free-standing lamps and floor lamps. For garden and terrace there are nice, big lights available, that can also be used indoors. You should consult with a professional for the assembly of large hanging lamps, since it needs to be checked whether the ceiling can bear the weight of the light fixture: on top of this, the assembly is not all that easy and might involve some special technical knowledge. Double Bubble by Eero Aarnio This lamp has a width of 1.35 meters and weighs a noticeable 18 kg. The lamp is made of plastic and therefore suitable for outdoors Big lights feel at home in these surroundings Large light objects are especially well suited for stairwells or outdoor areas, if there is enough space available. Particularly in entrance areas, lights and furniture objects serve the purpose of being prestigious. Of course, large light objects always draw everyone's attention. In open living areas, which stretch over two floors, a big, long pendant lamp looks very nice and fills the empty air space with life. Floral by Panzeri This large floor lamp is reminiscent of the shape of a flower And if you want to place a large lamp despite having a little apartment, you should rather choose a white, bright color and a loose, open-plan form; since this will not be too oppressive in small spaces. And if you are not sure whether you will move in the near future, you should rather wait with the purchase of an oversized lamp, since it might no longer fit in the new home!
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