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Bathroom Lighting 101

Bathroom Lighting 101

Gone are the days when bathrooms were not given due importance in the pecking order when it came to lighting. With time, bathrooms have not only grown in space and structure, but they've also become a personal space. Hence it is important that you pay special attention to bathroom lighting as it would further accentuate the overall vibe of your place.

Start from the top

In case of bathrooms, you should begin from the ceiling and then work your way down to walls and vanity lights. Ceiling is the primary canvas of your lighting plan, once you've painted it, you can easily navigate your way through the other intricate secondary canvases. Ceiling mounted lights such as Circle 28 Ceiling Light are considered perfect your bathroom as they offer bright illumination, which generally remains the primary requirement of bathrooms. You can complement that with recessed lighting fixture such as Veroca ceiling lamp - rectangular, to further beautify your bathroom ceiling and aid you in the illumination department.

Don't go overboard

Don't stuff your ceiling with can lights, as many people are of the opinion that more the number of lights, brighter the illumination, this formula sadly doesn't applies here. You need to play it smart, a handful of lights beefed up in the ceiling would not only look out of shape but would further give an impression, that the person lack the aesthetic taste. Hence, in order to avoid that you need to abide by the golden principle of lighting Less is More. A couple of LED ceiling lights placed in the right place could do magic. If you are still confused, then you might need to resort to pieces like Conus LED Recessed Spotlight 7269, as they offer bright illumination and also come in different shapes, thus providing you with ton of options. However, you must also remember that too much options spoil the party, so as soon as the fixture clicks you, just go for it, instead of browsing through the entire collection, as you might be lured into the trap of too much options to choose from. 

Bathrooms are meant to be relaxing

In modern times, we tend to spend much more time in bathrooms than our ancestors, so if you are spending time in a space, you need to ensure that it is clean and at the same time well-lit. As you would be getting ready for events and parties in your bathroom, so ensure that there is ample lighting to cater your needs. Moreover the general vibe of your bathroom should be relaxing, so do work on that.

Asymmetric Lighting is a no-go

People often make this mistake of going overboard with asymmetric lighting; one thing that you need to remember is that in case of bathrooms and especially when it comes to vanity mirrors, you need to avoid asymmetric lighting. As it would do more harm than good, since they cast a shadow and that would disrupt you while you using vanity mirror for grooming or getting ready. Hence in these cases fixtures with frosted lighting such as Sento Verticale LED Wall Light and Vanity Slim Vertical LED Mirror Kit are great.

Another thing that you should avoid when it comes to bathroom is downward lighting. The reason is that bathrooms are usually marred with mirrors and downward lighting creates awkward reflections which are deemed extremely irritating and hence could be dangerous as they could catapult the chances of slipping. So in a nutshell, bathroom lighting is all about mixing and matching while keeping your requirements in mind.

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