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Artemide Introduces New LED Pendant Lights

Artemide Introduces New LED Pendant Lights

Artemide, based in Milan and well known for their Tolemeo collection, recently launched several new LED pendants that are sure to offer a bit of whimsy to your design scheme.
One of the most stunning lights we sell at is the Copernico pendant light. It comes in two sizes and features 384 27 watt LED lights with an artistic approach. Each of the pendants let you display the fixture either perfectly flat or with the rings spread out on their axis for that special luxury lighting look in your dining room or hallways. 

Artemide Mercury Mini Pendant, Halogen or LED lighting

Playing on the already hugely popular Mercury collection, Artemide introduces the Mercury Mini Pendant. Made of aluminium and thermoplastic this fixture is an artistic play on the drops of liquid mercury as they bead on a surface.
Mini Pendant LED lighting

The Net Line 125 Suspension led light

This beautiful LED light fixture closely resembles a flat tree with branched arms and round bud like ends housing the 18 LED lights. It's very unique and has won several awards for it's creative flair.
LED Net Suspension
The LED Net Suspension comes in smaller versions and in a ceiling light too.
LED Lighting is becoming hugely popular because of the flexibility and low power consumption. You can be fashionable and energy conscience at the same time. Which of these LED light fixtures catches your fancy?
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