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A round thing - Sphere shaped lighting

A round thing - Sphere shaped lighting

Round and cute these lamps are to cherish and to love! Spherical lamps adapt to every room and ambiance with their round, harmonious shape. This "push me" lamp can be turned on and off by simply pressing it, since it is made out of silicone. Spherical lamps look good everywhere: whether on the floor or on a table, as a pendant or floor lamp or outdoors. The globe is a perfect form. It is harmonious and balanced and nice to look at, and invites us to touch it. Spherical and round lights are very popular. You can place them everywhere, whether on the ground, in a corner or on a table. They look good as floor or pendant lamps as well. Small spherical pendant lamps arranged in groups, for example over the dining table, are especially pretty. So-called "Moon lights", which look like the moon and spread a gentle "moonlight feeling", create a beautiful ambiance. Some of these moon lights are made out of a translucent material like Japanese paper, enabling the light to shine through mysteriously. Moon by Davide Groppi
A wistful look to the moon. This lamp invites to dream. The light shines softly through and fills the room with a pleasant atmosphere. Shapes and colors There is a large selection with regards to material for round light fixtures; particularly for high-quality impact globe lamps made of glass or ceramic. Of course hand-blown lamps made out of Murano glass are very special and very classy. The color white is often used, because it resembles the globe: pure, perfect and clean. Although the round shape is an invitation to be touched, caution is advised, because lights with incandescent or halogen lamps can be very hot! This is especially inconvenient, since spherical floor or table lamps usually have no stand or handle, where you could pick them up with. Gambo You can conjure different light and shade patterns with 15 motif plates. LEDs or CFLs are a different thing altogether - these lamps provide low heat generation and save power at the same time. It doesn’t always have to be the complete globe shape; hemispheres or other roundish forms are frequently being used in light fixture as well. Pendant lamps often have a semicircular shape and open downwards with their light emission. Globo
Globe shapes in your garden These spherical lights give your garden a fantastic light ambiance. Globe shape lights are a beautiful eye-catcher outdoors as well - whether as bordering, on the terrace, or as floating lamps. Many manufacturers offer lights with a stone look design as well, which almost looks like real stones during the day. Outdoor lighting is equipped with energy-saving bulbs or LEDs most of the time. Solar-powered lights soaking up the sun during the day and providing a soft light shine at night are especially environmentally friendly. When purchasing outdoor lights, you should ensure that they are expressly suitable for outdoor use. Lamps, which become hot quickly, should not be placed next to plants, but rather kept in a certain safe distance. Due to their low heat development and good energy efficiency, LED lights can stay lit all night - even unattended. A built-in timer is convenient, because this way you can automatically control the LED light and let it glow in many different rainbow colors. TIP: OUTDOOR USE When purchasing outdoor light fixtures, you should ensure that they are suitable for outdoor use - even if the balcony or patio is covered, they are subjected to constant weather conditions.
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