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A hybrid luminaire called Sisifo made for Artemide

A hybrid luminaire called Sisifo made for Artemide

LED is by far the new trend in interior designs and a great solution for outdoor or indoor lighting due to the low energy consumption. As a proof a large number of manufacturers are now interested in creating new lighting solutions in LED version. l2_p332127_2200_1515-2
A new luminaire comes once with the spring season from Artemide. Sisifo Table Lamp is a hybrid table light that you can now find available on Interior-Deluxe. sisifo_gallery2277257-960x540 Besides designing a new lamp that meets both task lamp and leverages characteristics, Scott Wilson creates a new direction in lighting. His idea came from a plastic disc that provides a diffused light and which gracefully rotates 360 degrees on a vertical axis. This function allows maximum freedom in orienting the light which makes Sisifo a perfect choice for either large table or small bedside surfaces. sisifo_gallery2307768-960x540 The lamp comes in white finish with a cylindrical base in which is hidden the lighting mechanism, a 30 degree oriented stem in chrome brass finish which ends with the plastic round head. l2_p332127_2200_1515-3
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