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4 Things to Consider While Buying LED Chandeliers

4 Things to Consider While Buying LED Chandeliers

Chandeliers arguably are the most grandiose pieces in your interior decoration; single piece installed at right place is capable of uplifting the tempo of entire space. Therefore it is important for You to choose the right piece for You piece, here is the ultimate guide for buying LED chandeliers.

Purpose of the piece

Before we get into other minute details, it is important that you know that why you want a chandelier, sometimes people simply install one just because they think it looks cool. However this is not the right approach; never place a piece just for the sake of filling the spot. Chandelier must blend into the overall ambiance of the space; therefore purpose garners paramount importance in the overall choice of the piece. If you want to lend a vintage feel to your space then pieces such as Volver LED chandelier are ideal for you, on the flip side for a slightly contemporary look pieces like Spillray 20 Chandelier - LED and Thebe LED Chandelier - VISION Series would do a great job. 

Size and width matter

Nothing is more annoying than seeing a beautiful piece of art being placed at the wrong place. Chandeliers add an oomph factor to your ambiance, therefore use them wisely or else all your hard work and money would go down the drain. Over-sized chandeliers are generally tailor made for TV lounges, however if you want to play around you can try sleeker pieces like Quad-Y LED Chandelier in your TV lounge too. For width the general of thumb of is to measure the area of your space, for instance if the width of your space is 10 feet and length is 12 feet, you simply add these two numbers, which in this case would add up to 22, so a 22 inch chandelier would be ideal for the space of these dimensions.

Determine the height

Most LED chandeliers come with fixable height, however still you need to be smart about the height of your pieces. Sometimes a chandelier would be unable to impart light just because it is placed a bit too high, so in order to avoid such scenarios, you need to determine the height of your chandelier beforehand. Pieces like Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier are placed higher as opposed to pieces like Elysee L12 Chandeliers , which are sturdy in built, yet could be used as low hanging fixtures. Moreover low hanging large led chandeliers are in fashion these days.

Style is your domain

Coming down to the main point, which is choosing the design for your chandelier, for this you actually need to unleash your inner interior designer. Your space is an extension of yourself and if you want a personalized space then you must go for the pieces that you like. If you like extravagance then contemporary crystal chandeliers like Capella VMC32420 Modern Flower Pedal LED Chandelier are ideal for you. On the flip side simple pieces could also augment your ambiance and lend it a modern feel. In the end decision is entirely yours; however one thing that you must take into consideration is that the designs should blend into the overall ambiance of the space, rather than having an overwhelming impact.

Chandeliers are great for all sorts of settings, however when it comes to large spaces, the importance of chandeliers could simply not be undermined. They single handedly change the feel of the space, all you need to do is choose the right piece for the right place.

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