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4 Awesome Dining Room Lighting Ideas

4 Awesome Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Dining rooms are traditionally designed with an underlying of formality, people tend to keep it a bit cozy yet the overall ambiance of the space is ornate. However there is another perspective which says that dining rooms are meant to host and entertain people, therefore the tone of the space should be kept slightly casual. If you go by the second school of thought which is currently prevailing, you might be amazed at the options it offers for your dining room lighting layout. You could choose anything from sculptural pieces to minimalist pendants, the options are endless. Here are a few tips which could help you choose appropriate fixtures for your dining room.

Experimenting with sculptural fixtures

Sculptural fixtures have always served as show stoppers and head turning pieces in the lighting layouts. However trying them in a dining room is a bit risky, as if you get it wrong it could potentially ruin your entire ambiance, however if you get it right you could uplift the entire ambiance of the room with a single piece. Pieces like Crown Major Chandelier are no less than a piece of art and placing them over your dining room, would speak a lot about your aesthetic taste. 

Crystal chandeliers are the safe option

However on the flip side, if you want to play safe then you have the option of crystal chandelier, conventional as many people call it but still relevant and a modern classic. Journey of classic chandeliers from elegant royal dining rooms to contemporary dining spaces is nothing short of a legend; however they still lend you a certain charm, which could aid you in elevating the ambiance of your dining room. Pieces like PostKrisi 0067-0068 Pendant Light and 85 Lamps Chandelier could be used in dining room as they do not require much space, while retaining the characteristic magnificence of the crystal chandelier.

Sputnik Pendants are a nice option

Have you ever witnessed a dining room with two chandeliers, each at one end of the dining table; if you haven't well now is the time to try sputnik chandeliers like Tivoli Chandelier at your own place. These sputnik chandeliers are in trend these days and are selling like hot cakes, if you like contemporary themed pendants then these should be your go-to options. Loaded with bright bulbs these pendants are specifically made for dining room.


You simply need to take care of one thing, which is the distance of these pendants from one another; general rule of thumb is that you deploy both at eight to ten inches from table end, this way they would be in a symmetric line and would not feel overwhelming either.

Ring of fire

How about having a meal under the ring of fire, well, it is certainly not as scary as it sounds. Contemporary pieces like Mercury Suspension Light offer you the luxury of experimentation. These pieces are designed in such a fashion and with such meticulous precision that they offer you a vintage styled pendant, which brings back the memory of Victorian era, when kings and queens used to break under the shimmering lights. Nothing beats such pieces so, please don't hold back in trying these out if you want to try something different.

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