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3 Important tips for choosing the right chandelier

3 Important tips for choosing the right chandelier

Chandeliers are one of those rare accessories which have stood the test of time. Right piece installed in the right spot could elevate the decor of your space and take it to new heights.  It is the last piece of your interior jigsaw and once it's up there, it sets the tone for your space.

Size Matters

Choosing the right chandelier has always been a challenge as a tad bit bigger one would feel like you're trying too hard to flex, and at the same time a bit smaller piece could dampen the spirit of the entire space. Henceforth the size of the chandelier plays a pivotal role; therefore before finalizing a piece, take your room dimensions into serious account. If you are looking for a chandelier for your living room, then Soscik Chandelier small might be the perfect fit for you. It is not a heavy piece and at the same time imparts a contemporary feel to your utilized space.

Talking of spaces, if you are looking for a fancy piece for your foyer, none would be more suitable than the Tears from Moon H20 XL Chandelier, it is a perfect blend of modernization and contemporary style with a pinch of vintage feel. It is ideal for a medium size foyer; however it could also be a handy option for your living area.

Dimensions are important

Few things which you must keep in mind while choosing a chandelier for dining room, firstly the chandelier should be at least 12 inches narrower than your dining table. Since in contemporary spaces, you don't want to overdo anything therefore it is important that you go for a slightly svelte option. 6025 S8 Chandelier is a perfect candidate for your dining area, as its willowy demeanor complements the modern dining space. If you are browsing modern chandeliers for living rooms, then you must follow the general rule of thumb which states that a chandelier should at least be at a five feet distance from the closest room wall. Since chandelier is a hanging piece, therefore it requires a breathing space; moreover chandeliers feel like a push over in cramped spaces.

 If you want to amp up your living room with a rustic piece that would aid you in adding a slightly vintage feel to your studded modern space, then Lola Chandelier is an ideal option. It is one of those few pieces which interpenetrate seamlessly with the surroundings. However if you want to sustain the contemporary feel of your living room then there is no better alternative than 6020 S8 Chandelier. The futuristic design would serve as an emblem for your contemporary settings.

Group them up

These days modern chandeliers are also used in couplets for living areas, this however is a difficult thing to pull off, but if done right, the results could be fruitful. If you want to shed light in specific areas of the room, then you might be urged to go with multiple chandeliers. Moreover sometimes even in dining areas, two chandeliers could potentially improve the ambient experience and help you in highlighting the core elements of your space.

If you are tilted towards the idea of multiple chandeliers, then it is important to understand that both chandeliers must be placed at equal distance from each other. For instance if you intend to cover your dining table with two chandeliers, ideally you should hang them six inches inside above the edges. Hope D66/105 Pendant Light piece is a great option for this setting and it could also be hanged in the living room just above your sitting area. Contemporary chandeliers are great for modern settings as they edify your modern setting with an old world charm while preserving the ultra-modern aura of your expanse.

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