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3 Cool Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas

3 Cool Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Be it the kitchen or your office space, sometimes you require extra lighting for daily tasks and that's when task lighting comes in to play. A type of task lighting is the under cabinet lighting which are helpful means of illuminating a desired area gracefully. It adds up to the decorative touch of a room along with serving its primary purpose. There are several types of under cabinet lighting, each having its own merits and downsides.

Puck lights for a chic look

They get this name because of their hockey puck shape. Available in different sizes, this is a stylish method of illumination. Fixtures such as Puck 5412 Wall/Ceiling Light can easily be adhered to the underside of the cabinet with a battery junction box attached to it. This provides the ease of no wiring and is especially useful for people renting a place. There are many options from which you can choose. Pieces like Sitra Cube Outdoor Wall Luminaire are LED lighted and offer no heat along with being energy efficient while pieces like Sitra 6x 1W LED Wall Luminaire may provide more light but get pretty hot when turned on for a long time. This type of lighting also comes with dimmable option which is a handy tool in possession. If you are preparing a mixture for baking or adding several spices that require careful measurement, you can intensify the light and dim them under regular use.

The method of adhering also varies. Some are glued to the base and others are nailed with the surface; it all depends how you want it. Rented families must opt for glued fixtures because they can be detached if they go to a new place. These are very affordable but carry a small disadvantage; they emit circular perimeters of light instead of a thorough and even light. This effect, if undesired can be negated by the use of bigger sized lights attached in series so that the circles blend with each other to provide an even effect.

Efficiency with LED lights

These are the newest and the most energy-efficient pieces in the market. It may cost a bit more than the puck lights but that are worth it provided the reliability and the versatility it gives. They are available in all levels of brightness and color. You can coherently integrate a yellow colored LED under cabinet light with the white light of the kitchen ceiling or also go for this combination in the series of installed under cabinet lights. Fixtures such as DL 124 LED Tread Recessed Luminaire are affordable options that have a circular casing which is thin and convincingly invisible to the general sight. Other choices may include pieces like Furniture LED 65 Spot Light that have to be hardwired and are rectangular. They give off just the right amount of light. There are many catchy designed available in this class of lights but given the lights will be shielded mostly, they must be purchased with the intention to give utility more weightage than the beauty and outlook. LED Strip lights are another choice to consider. They are flexible tapes that run through an entire length and give a more even light. Fixtures such as LED Liner Luminaire are costly but very efficient options. LED pieces always remain cooler than the halogen and xenon fixtures, which yields a longer life span. They are strong in built and provide dimmable options too.

The Ancient xenon lights

Regarded as the superior in color rendering index but quite historical in style, this type is not largely used nowadays. They get really hot with extended use and take in a lot of energy as well.
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