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Bella Italia, Amore Murano

Bella Italia, Amore Murano

Bella Italia, Amore Murano The art works of the glass blowing workshops from Murano have radiated an exclusive flair for centuries. Gisa Narracott, Specialist for all topics related to exclusive chandeliers, granted insights into the world of these talented craftsmen and their products. The glass blowers have an interesting history behind them. The Great Fire in Venice drove the handicraft to the nearby island of Murano. Thus the chandeliers were known and became popular as Murano chandeliers.

The Rezzonico chandelier by AVMazzega has been designed by Archivio Storico AVMazzega . AVMazzega propose in its collection timeless Venetian chandeliers from the past, in the present, to the future. Chandeliers like the "Rezzonico" or the 'Foscari" line are evergreen example of the '700 in  Venice, with their rich and ornate shapes the Venetian chandeliers made by AVMazzega give elegance and class to every room, from the lobbies of grand hotel to the private homes. Revived today thanks to the skilled hands of the Muranese Masters and reinterpreted with a sophisticated glass knowledge and competence, the AVMazzega Venetian chandeliers are true masterpiece of light. Each lamp that is produced in our Furnance is the result of a continuous and exhausting handwork according to the rules that made the Murano glass famous in the centuries and all over the world. Everyone who has visited Venice and Murano knows what kind of charm the Italian architecture has, which is also reflected in its design and exclusive glass blowing art. The editors of Licht & Wohnen were able to share this exciting topic with Gisa Narracott of Light Couture, the largest supplier of chandeliers in Europe.

Editor: With today's technology hype about LED and smart homes, it is a little exceptionally to get involved with classic chandeliers. How did this passion start?

Gisa Narracott: One does not exclude the other in any way, because we are now very well able to equip our products with the most modern light technology depending on what our customers want. Through my training as a fashion designer I have always had a fondness for the beautiful and extravagant things of life and therefore it was just normal to get involved with exclusive light solutions.  Murano chandeliers were the first step for me and are still my biggest passion. The regular visits with the glass blowers, who have now become good friends, has become a second home for me.

Editor: When you think of chandeliers, mansions, huge reception halls and romantic castles automatically come to mind. So you have chosen a very special field of activity.

Gisa Narracott: Of course, the origin of the chandeliers can be associated with the scenarios you described, but the design and the resulting fields of application have become very varied in the last decades that almost every variety can be found in our assortment. The classic concept, large luminaires with several light sources, is, of course, still very dominant in many types. However, there are now many modern and even futuristic designs to choose from. All you have to do is look at the models of my good friend Fabio from Lu Murano or the new models from Barovier & Toso.

Editor: But what is so special about these chandeliers from Murano?

Gisa Narracott: Murano chandeliers are not just a big source of light, they are a luxury statement of the individual owner. And owners see, feel and experience this huge difference. We can guarantee and certify it accordingly. One should not underestimate the tradition and experience of the factories based in Murano. We cooperate with incredibly creative and high-quality manufacturing plants. This allows us to implement our own designs or individual customer requests in detail to create unique design lights. We were able to implement almost all colors and shapes and to realize the most demanding wishes of our customers in their very own collection.

Editor: Do I understand you correctly? You create chandeliers according to the owners own ideas and concepts?

Gisa Narracott: That's right! Despite the extensive collections that are on the market and that we also offer, it is very important to us that we can act flexibly and extremely customer-oriented. A great deal of experience and passionate dedication allow us to do this certainly unusual approach - private customers and interior designers, with whom we work closely together, appreciate this option very much.    

The Campanula chandelier by AVMazzega has been designed by Archivio Storico AVMazzega . AVMazzega propose in its collection timeless Venetian chandeliers from the past, in the present, to the future. Centuries of skill, passion and handcraft in the art of glassmaking  reach the essence in the chandeliers of the '800 line, suitable for each place, classic ot modern, with their leaves, flowers, bobeches plainly but elegantly decorated. This is exactly the reason why the '800 line is one of the best sellers of our "I Veneziani" catalogue, the chandeliers of this line have a evergreen design and they gain value during the years thanks to the fact that they entirely hanworked by our skilled glass Masters. Here, the issues of trust and reliability play a major role. So we offer the ideal interface. From consultation and design over supervision of the production up to dispatch and installation.

Editor: By now I understand what connects you to the term "passion". But I think you also need exactly this approach to market such emotional light creations. What about the competition? 

Gisa Narracott: 10 years ago, we opened the first chandelier online shop in the German-speaking market and of course, some followed us. Copies from Asia or so-called "cheap providers" from Italy, who produce their own "Murano glass" certificate, try to compete with us. As a customer, of course, you have to be careful. The online business has become a wild market and the customer is (unfortunately) often led astray with beautiful pictures. Our online shop is like a large chandelier library and our large 500 square meter showroom in Hamburg offers the opportunity to look at the different Murano models at that location.

Editor: Ms. Narracott - it was a great pleasure for us to get to know you and your demanding work! We thank you very much for the informative and inspiring conversation!

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Gisa Narracott - January 4, 2020

I dont remember, that I have made any interview with you and for the interior-deluxe website!
Please delete this straigh away… latest until 25 of may 2019.

Many thanks
Gisa Narracott

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