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Beat light - A glory to experience

Beat light - A glory to experience

Beat light is a group of pendant lights, introduced by a self-taught designer, Tom Dixon. What's signatory to this type of lights is their hand crafted brass design and black exterior however, the contemporary designs have variable colors on the outside ranging from grey to white and metallic.

Dissolved in history

Tom Dixon managed to contact the highly-capable brass workers of India who, despite all the air of modernization, had carried on to cherish their historical charm of designing lighting fixtures. The beat lights reflect the primitive craftsmanship and style and when this combines with the modern design, create a stunning piece of art. Pieces like Beat Tall Brass Pendant are a treat to watch. One can admire them for a long time due to their supreme finish. These fixtures are not highly intricate in design but their inborn simplicity doesn't fail to appeal to the viewer. The black exterior shines gloriously with yellow glow in the dark to magnify the whole space where they are placed. 

A wide spectrum of usage

Beat lights can be used in all parts of the house but again, one must be careful of the rest of the interior of the room. There are various options to blend these fixtures with the interior like attaching specific decoration pieces or introducing certain class of furniture. Their classy ability to stand out is what makes it a difficult piece to handle. Fixtures such as Beat Flat Pendant Light, when placed in a lounge, can immediately take all the focus of the room. If not supported with furniture of par, it might feel singular and that would disturb the entire harmony of the room. Beat lights differs from each other in their shapes. Wide one has a flat surface whereas Stout has a round built, Fat is miniature and Tall is funnel shaped. Pieces like Beat Fat Brass Pendant Light can be hung in a kitchen, over the kitchen table to add a tantalizing combination of chic and simplicity.

If you are low on ideas about how to illuminate a cornet of a bedroom, pieces like Beat Waist Pendant Light could be a perfect answer. They deliver a soft, creamy glow which provides the room with a passionate aura. They are also great options for an indoor entrance. One wants to welcome their guests elegantly and given the chandeliers excessive popularity; one should consider pieces like Beat Stout Brass Pendant Light as a great replacement. They can be hung in a group of three to cast a mysteriously alluring ambiance.

Mastering the stroke

The most enthralling feature of beat lights is their effectiveness when arranged in clusters. The harmonious effect they produce is remarkable. This can be used beside a wardrobe section of your bedroom, through the length of your oblong dining table, over a glass corner in your kitchen or merely beside a fire place in your drawing room. Fixtures such as Beat Wide Brass Pendant Light can even be introduced in the libraries in cluster to be a warm partner of your nighttime reading or your extensive research work.

Their calming glow and elegant simplicity would want you to read even more. It is best to hang the pieces at different heights when arranged in cluster because the illumination can then be dispersed at a wider space and it would exhibit itself as a decoration piece as well. Be careful of the many fake pieces that have sprouted as a result of all this popularity of beat lights. Make sure to buy the fixtures from reliable retailers that carry the original, crafty pieces.

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