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A chandelier for the staircase

A chandelier for the staircase

Gisa Narracott opened her chandelier showroom Lightcouture seven years ago in Hamburg. By now, customers can visit her chandelier exhibition, specializing in hotel lighting, in the vicinity of Munich. Gisa Narracott   Whether classical baroque chandelier or modern minimalist design - chandeliers can create a real highlight in the entrance area. But how do I find the right model for my staircase? Gisa Narracott, owner of the chandelier shop Lighcouture in Hamburg, explains how to proceed in finding the right chandelier.

How do you begin to plan the lighting for a staircase? First of all, it is important to get an idea of the stairs and the premises. One should listen very carefully to the customer to get to know his ideas and wishes. Should the lighting create a "wow" effect when you enter the house? That means, should the chandelier be an artwork in the center? Or should the chandelier rather be simple, so that the works of art that might hang on the walls become the center of attention? These are the questions that you have to clear up initially.

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When these issues have been clarified, how do you find the right model? A major role for the choice of the chandelier are the materials and the shape of the railing and the color and the interior style of the house. Of course, it makes a difference whether you illuminate a living room or the entrance of a public building or a store. When I got to know the taste of customers after a conversation, I suggest some chandeliers and place them in a photo or draw a sketch. It is important to measure the space properly so that the chandelier has the correct position and the proportions match. In the case of special requirements, I will design a customized model. Naturally, this is always taking the budget of the client into consideration.

What are common mistakes when it comes to the lighting of a staircase? Pompous eyecatcher: The hotel Willemswerf in Rotterdam had designed a four-meter high chandelier with Tobby lamps by Fabbian for its lobby. For private use a smaller version is available... A crucial mistake is often made in advance: Frequently the reinforcement of the ceiling in the staircase in a new house is often neglected. Therefore, you have to examine the load capacity of the ceiling in advance. In this case, you might be able to consult with an electrician. Because children are tempted to play with a sparkling chandelier, you should make sure that the chandelier can not be touched from the staircase railing. And of course, the chandelier needs to be cleaned sometimes. So you should think about how to access the chandelier after it has been installed. But the most important is, of course, the lighting effect. You have to consider different light sources in the room so that the chandelier will have the best effect. Only then you can put the chandelier in the limelight.

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Lorene Thompson - January 4, 2020

My husband is 6’9” and we want to hang out chandelier in a staircase. It is not that large a space and the window is not centered on the area. We are thinking of centering it in the upstairs railing so he won’t hit his head and there is still symmetry What is your opinion.

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