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Which light type are you?

Which light type are you?

When it comes to living and design styles, you can distinguish people by their tastes and preferences: romantic, visionary, minimalist, or close to nature. What kind of light type are you?   Inout by Metalarte And which light fixture do you prefer? Maybe the goofy by Metalarte People are being distinguished with regards to housing and design according to specific characteristics and preferences. When it comes to lighting design, you can distinguish some types here as well. We introduce you to seven light types that can assist you in finding suitable lights. The minimalist-modern type Do you feel attracted to elegant and prestigious living spaces with clean lines? Then you are probably the minimalist-modern type. Your dominant colors are black and white, but also the fine silver sheen of stainless steel. You enjoy bright airiness and symmetry, for you everything is purist, functional and straightforward. Your living quarters are decorated in a minimalist interior style, with few furniture items only, and only the most necessary is present. Important to you are high-quality workmanship and functionality. As materials prevail glass, metal and modern plastics. Your preferred lights are low-profile and neutral-factual. You prefer slim LED lights not only at your desk - but it could also be classics like the Tizio or Wagenfeld light. You appreciate the bright light from retaining wall and ceiling luminaires, that don't draw attention to the light source itself. The Scandinavian design type You are impressed by the Scandinavian lifestyle with clear patterns without embellishments and flourishes and the bright colorful palette of the North, which is dominated by white and subtle sky blue. The motto of your mainly practical design might be "keep it simple". The design of your lights does not follow a strict selection scheme because you are open to both simple shaped pendant lamps with metal screen as well as refined objects that are composed of translucent wood veneers. The shapely and simple classic in the tradition of Poul Henningsen are also on the list of your favorites, as well as the widespread lampshades made of paper and plastic, where items will be inserted into one another in order to not require any additional support structure. The light from these lamps is mild and is distributed diffusely in your room. Wood lamps by Secto DesignFor friends of the Scandinavian Style (pendant lamp) The Asian-Japanese type Do you love the simplicity of Asian rooms with bamboo, lacquer surfaces and paper lanterns? Then you belong to the Asian-Japanese design type. In our latitudes the simplicity and naturalness of the Japanese home decor is especially appreciated, which is characterized by flexible and multi-functional rooms, reduced furniture, tatami mats as well as room dividers and lamps made of shoji paper. The mostly symmetrically shaped lampshades around a central axis emit a mild and diffused light. Gaku by Ingo Maurer  

Japanese inspiration meets organic forms (from the light series "The MaMo Nouchies") The emotionally-colorful type You have a penchant for sumptuous colors, whether the bright colors of the Sixties with their orange living environments by Verner Panton or fashionable shades such as pink or turquoise. Expressive wallpaper might cover your walls, and your chairs are made of plastic or plywood. When it comes to lights, you like both colorful lampshades made of fabric, metal or plastic as well as Sixties classics like the legendary lava lamps. The discreet Spluegen-Braeu-pendant light will delight you, just as the spiral light by Panton or its psychedelic sister, the gaudy globe lamp from 1969. The extravagant-individualistic type You prefer high quality furnishing and have an eye for the form language of your objects: The furniture might be partly plain and your home might be of white grandeur and restraint, yet your design objects are often extravagant and always especially selected. Your friends are not normal people, but are chosen individualistically. You have a soft spot for technology and lighting, and the design of your lighting fixtures is extremely important to you. After careful consideration you might chose light art objects by Ingo Maurer or Ross Lovegrove, which you then place like a sculpture in your home.    

Definitely something for individualists The innovative and visionary type when you see the first usable versions of the latest OLED lamp during your trips to special light shops or exhibition, you feel irresistibly attracted to the new technology and its aesthetic appeal. Because you are one of the few innovative visionary lighting pioneers who have a pronounced affinity to technology, style-conscious and you are courageous at the same time. With regards to absolute novelties you realize that even a pinch of irony might be involved, since a light fixture of the latest generation may turn out to be a mayfly. You are fascinated by the technology, and good lighting plays an important role in your perception.     The nature-loving type You love coziness, and the colors of your home are gentle and kind. You consider brightly lit rooms as cool and sterile. With regards to your furniture you prefer regional and sustainable materials, therefore wool, felt, linen and oiled wood make your heart beat faster. You feel at home in a country style environment, where you can showcase your various antiques. Maybe you have already built a luminaire yourself and have come to appreciate the creative impulse. You appreciate elegant lamps made of wood, stone, paper or glass as well.   For nature lovers: These lamps are made of recycled carton   The classical-romantic type You appreciate traditional values and require quality with regards to your furniture. Maybe you collect antiques or family heirlooms, because dignified elegance sets the tone for you. You prefer to live in an old building with high stucco ceilings and parquet flooring. Your preferred lights are often variations of classic chandeliers that give off a warm light. You prefer to dim your lights because glistening brightness does not suit you. You like to use modern interpretations of table lamps, which consist of classical foot, stem and shade as well. Since you are a romantics, you occasionally enjoy colored light which discreetly accompanies the scenery. And if you have settled in a Mediterranean environment, you choose harmonious lights made of wrought iron and frosted glass which emit your preferred light.

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