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Wall art with sconces

Wall art with sconces

Now are the days where lighting is not just primarily for illumination but for decorative proposes as well. Modern lighting fixtures with decorative features not only aid in shaping the perfect ambiance for the room but save money for additional decoration pieces to be placed on the walls. Wall sconces play a huge role in this regard.

Puck wall for a seamless effect

These lights are a splendid way of attaining an alluring combination of simplicity and slickness. These circular pieces generate minimal shadows and allow a good amount of light to escape from the edges which creates a magical effect in the room. Fixtures such as Crystalry Wall Sconce can be connected in series on the wall behind the bed to serve as night illumination or even as a support for the ambient ceiling light. You can even specify one wall for decorative purpose and put these lights on one side of the wall followed by photo frames or wall hangings on the other. Pieces like Dogi wall sconce (long) can be very helpful in this regard as they give a calming yellow light that can blend beautifully with the room's white light and add a layered effect. If you can add some mirror adornments on side of these pieces, it would light up the wall even more elegantly. Another combination can be to use these lights as accent lighting. Fixtures such as Plate 3150 LED Wall Sconce can be placed on side of a wall shelf or a vertical wall hanging which is the spot for your trophies or decoration pieces. These lights would appear as ornaments at day and illuminate the wall shelf at night.

Light up the room with majestic cube lights

If you haven't heard of of this type of light till now, you will be thoroughly excited to consider these exceptional pieces to place in your rooms. Be it the bedrooms or lounges, they can serve many purposes. First of all, it can be used in bedroom for night illumination.

Pieces like Diadema Wall Sconce come with frosted glass which gives a mild light which is ideal at nighttime. They are LED powered and consume less energy. Secondly, they can be utilized for purely ornamental purposes. In TV lounges, many people paint one wall differently or with a texture to create a layered effect. You can jump a step further and use lights to form a decorative wall instead. Fixtures such as Saten Wall Sconce that give up/down light can be placed in a pattern to create a diamond effect. You might place some decoration pieces in between them or leave them as it is. A glass table with chairs in front of this wall would be a classic sight for the visitors. Not only is this a uniquely pleasant method of adorning the wall but is a safer option as well because there is no risk as with the paint being scrapped off after some time. 

Architectural sconces for a soothing ambiance

These dynamically shaped fixtures can light up the room without giving any glares or outrageous luminescence. Their existence alone grants calmness to the ambiance of the room as their design is so refined and composed. Pieces like Nightlife 2 Wall Sconce can be placed on each side of a night stand or as single piece behind the bed with good effect. Similarly, fixtures such as Arbos Ceiling/Wall Light can be placed on wall along the stairs on entryway. They will be welcoming yet not too sparkly.
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